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August 22nd 2020



Check out the hot and exciting updates at! JOIN HDPhysiques now for newly added model pages for amazing newcomers like Tabitha Borland, Cheyenne Strickland, & Taylor Irragi, along with superstar veterans like Jonquil Baugh, Bojana Vasiljevic, and more. We also have thousands of new clips and photos from recently added contests such as the 2020 Arnold, the 2020 Omaha Pro, the Prestige Crystal Cup, the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro, and many, many more.

Also, the, by, continues tremendous growth and has many more exciting shoots to come. If ARM WRESTLING is your thing, we've recently been adding TONS of that in the studios of Katie Lee, Brooke Walker, & Taylor Smuck. Feel free to browse the various studios and fill your cart with selections from each one. You are not limited to only buying from one studio at a time!

Lastly, be sure to check out or new clips studio at Clips4Sale...., which we are updating nearly daily, so customers with accounts there, can now enjoy some great compilations of some of the hottest HDP shoots of all time!



HDPHYSIQUES Sample Gallery:


Cheyenne Strickland  Cheyenne Strickland  Jonquil Baugh  Jonquil Baugh

Tabitha Borland  Tabitha Borland  Taylor Iraggi  Taylor Iraggi

Bojana Vasiljevic  Bojana Vasiljevic  Bojana Vasiljevic  Christine Moyer

Felisha Livezey  Felisha Livezey  Sarah Kornhauser  Steph Koerber



Sample Video Clips:


Brooke Walker (44.1 MB)


Cheyenne Strickland (25.2 MB)


Brooke Chaney (48.7 MB)



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