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July 26th 2016



Welcome to the Profile Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Physique Competitor/Bodybuilder TANYA HYDE!

(all pictures are used by Tanya's permission)



Some Info about TANYA:


Hey there guys!
First of all I want to say thank you! Thank you for being loyal, supportive and kind.
What have I been up to these days? Well, I will tell ya! My focus has been my nutrition and receiving treatment for my tendons and ligaments. To put it simply I was not feeling well. I knew things had to change in order to feel better and then in turn, “look better”.


I removed any processed goods from my diet, all of it… And it can be tough at times making the right choices but the feeling and results are life changing. I have recently lost 5 lbs, and I have 10 lbs more to go. I have no plans to ever compete, it is just for my own well-being and sexiness! Now that I am receiving the correct treatment for my tendons and ligaments, I feel better and I’m able to crush heavy weights again. I have to remember that I am not in my early 20’s anymore, so it is definitely a mind fuck! I’m focusing on filling up my muscle bellies so that they are the ultimate fullness and at the same time making them even denser... BAM!


I am also taking Jiu Jitsu classes and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of them.
Things are fantastic and I could not be happier and focused. I am diligently working on bringing you guys the most well-rounded and complete physique that I can form! I have plenty of fantastic all new shoots coming your way. I have consistent shoots lined up for the remainder of the year, so get ready for a whole lotta Tanya!


Again, thank you for all of your continued support. I truly enjoy receiving the lovely, kind and supporting emails/messages from you all. Keep them up for me because that’s what helps keeping me going!

Thank you again! Cheers.

Tanya xx




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