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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Bodybuilder, Pro Wrestler and Boxer ADRIENNE ANN SMITH!

(all pictures are used by Adrienne's personal permission)



Some Info about ADRIENNE:


Name: Adrienne Ann Smith


Competed in: Bodybuilding, Pro Wrestling, Boxing


Date of birth: 16th-Aug-1979


Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO


Height: 5'3"


Vital Stats: 36-29-36


Hair: Dark Brown


Eyes: Brown


Off-season weight: 135 lbs


Contest weight: 125 lbs


Fave Foods: Seafood, Chicken Breasts


Hobbies: Working Out, Pro Wrestling, Fitness Modeling, Clubbing


Fave body part to train: Quads


Most hated body part to train: None


Workout days/body parts: 
Monday: Back, Biceps & 30-45min of Cardio 
Tuesday: Quads & Calves
Wednesday: Chest & 30-45min of Cardio
Thursday: Off
Friday: Hamstrings, Glutes 
Saturday: Shoulder, Triceps & 30-45min of Cardio 
Sunday: 60min of Cardio


A bit about me:

In March of '99, I started taking cardio kickboxing and body pump classes at a local dojo. Soon after, I began teaching classes. In December of '99, I became interested in bodybuilding. It was at that point, that I started taking weight training seriously. In July of 2000, I took a few private boxing lessons at my dojo. I boxed in two competitions. I boxed in the Toughman Contest on national television and my other one was local. In between training for the two matches, I gave birth to my now 3 year old handicapped son. I had boxed three months after having my son. In both competitions, I gave my opponent my famous right hook and a black eye. A few trainers saw my potential and wanted to train me to become a professional boxer; however, I declined their offer. After that, I was encouraged by many people in the gym to compete in bodybuilding. It wasn't until April 2002 that I entered my first competition. I competed in The Second Annual Body Max Classic in Ocala, FL. I took first place in my division. That following November, I competed in the All South Bodybuilding competition in St. Augustine, FL. I took second place in my division which qualified me for nationals; however, I did not compete.


In December 2002, I was introduced to Pro Wrestling. I trained at legend Dory Funk Jr.'s "The Funking Conservatory." In May 2003, I competed in two bodybuilding shows. On the 17th, I competed in Bradenton, FL and took 2nd place in my division. That following weekend I took first in my division at The Third Annual Body Max Classic in Ocala, FL. Since both sports were very time consuming, I had to make a choice. After reassessing my situation, I chose to pursue Pro Wrestling and haven't competed in bodybuilding since. At this point, to become a professional wrestler became my ultimate goal. WWE talent scouts advised me to acquire additional training. Since my present camp only trained once a month, they recommended Steve Keirn's "School of Hard Knocks," a more intensive wrestling camp. I started doing independant shows which improved my skill. In between shows, I had tryouts with the WWE. WWE Talent scouts liked my look, but felt i needed more training. They started tracking my progress and were interested in sending me to their developmental program (WWE College so to speak). Unfortunately, the the level of training at this stage began to require more time that I was able to invest (with a full time job) so, in Jan 2004 I put my training on hold to avoid compromising quality time with my son. I still want to pursue my wrestling career, have time to raise my son and possibly break my way into the fitness modeling industry so, I am looking for anyone interested in sponsorship to help me accomplish these goals. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]


Please note:

Adrienne does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




ADRIENNE's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-6 are courtesy of Mike Eckstut



Adrienne can be contacted by e-mail at:

[email protected]


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