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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled IFBB Figure Professional Competitor MARI KUDLA!

(all pictures are used by Mari's personal permission)



Some Info about MARI:


I was born and raised in North Royalton, Ohio, a small suburb just south of Cleveland. I believe my competitive spirit was sparked at a young age by my two older sisters, who were both competitive cheerleaders. Even then, I wanted to be active, involved and feel the personal satisfaction of competing. My parents however, had had their fill of cheerleading and instead I enrolled in a gymnastic program at the age of eleven. 
Even though I was young, I put all my energy into gymnastics and soon found myself on a competitive team. Here, I learned what hours in the gym and persistence towards a goal could do for not only my physical skills, but also my mental ability to push through the tough times.


I continued to compete throughout highschool and began lifting weights on my own to strengthen my body for my sport. College took me to Columbus where, as a freshman at Ohio State, I continued my athletic lifestyle by teaching aerobics between classes. It is in this program that I met a friend who would change my life.


She was a fellow instructor who was preparing for a fitness competition. I had never heard of such competitions, but was interested in the level of training and dedication that the sport required. She introduced me to her personal trainer who is none other than the infamous Mike Davies of The Fitness Factory. Mike said that he saw potential in my physique to be a great competitor, but to me, that was only "crazy talk" at the time. However, I began to train with Mike daily and follow his advice on how to further dedicate my life to the conditioning of my body. One year and two days later, I had transformed my body and mind and stepped onto my first competitive stage in the Cincinnati Fitness Classic. I won first place in that competition. By the end of the year, I had completed in 7 shows and was within 3 points of earning my Professional status as a fitness competitor! I was hooked!


Although I was very excited to compete the following year, life stepped in and decided I needed a break. That 'break' came in the form of a baby girl born on November 5, 2001. Having a little girl really changed my situation fast. I returned to North Royalton, to be near family and married my long time fiancé (3 yrs!). Never having lost my competitive fire, I began the road back to the competitive stage. Eight months after my Cesarean, I took the overall title at my first show back, the Monica Brant BodyRock Classic in the Figure division. A month later I won my class and was awarded my Professional Status at the 2002 Figure Nationals in New York. This first place also qualified me to compete in the World Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships in Czech Republic. I returned from my first trip over seas a bit heavier...I was carrying a bronze medal!


My professional carreer began with the first ever Figure International at the 2003 Arnold Classic. How exciting it was to stand on stage with the world's best physiques, and be counted as one of them! I didn't think anything could top taking fourth place there, until I qualified for the Figure Olympia at my next show the Pittsburgh Pro by taking third. Then at the Night of Champions Figure competition in NY, I was again honored to be awarded third place.


Lately, in addition to training for the Olympia, I've been busy building my business as a personal trainer, fitness model, and spokeswoman. While I do not know what the future holds for me, I would like to continue to motivate others (especially young mothers) to live a lifestyle that enhances their health. I would like to continue to demonstrate that lifestyle by my successes on the competitive stage.


Competitive history:

Figure Olympia; October 24th 2003: Fourth Place

Night of Champions Pro Figure; May 30, 2003: Third place
Pittsburgh Pro Figure; May 1-2, 2003: Third place Qualified for 2003 Olympia
Arnold Classic Figure International; Feb. 28-March 2, 2003: Fourth place
World Amateur Figure Championships; Oct. 4-7, 2002: Third place
NPC Team Universe and Figure National Championships; August 10, 2002: First place Earned Professional Status
Monica Brant Fitness and Figure Championships; July 12-13, 2002: Won Overall
NPC Nationals Bodybuilding and Fitness; Nov. 10, 2000: Third Place
Governor’s Cup Bodybuilding and Fitness; Oct. 14, 2000: Won Overall 
Northeastern Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness; Sept. 29, 2000: First Place
USA Bodybuilding and Fitness; Aug. 4-5, 2000: Eighth Place
Michael Francois Bodybuilding and Fitness; May 20, 2000: Second Place
Pittsburgh Bodybuilding and Fitness; May 6, 2000: Second Place
Cincinnati Bodybuilding and Fitness; April 15, 2000: First Place



Ironman; August 2003
Oxygen; July 2003
Muscle and Fitness; July 2003
Flex; June 2003
Muscle and Fitness Hers; June 2003
Flex; March 2003
Ironman; December 2002
Flex; December 2002 
Muscle and Fitness; August 2002
Flex; July 2001
Flex; June 2001
Ironman; April 2001
Ironman; March 2001
Muscle and Fitness; March 2001




MARI's Photo Gallery:


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