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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and muscular Canadian Bodybuilder ROSEANNE DESMARAIS!

(all pictures are used by Roseanne's personal permission)



Some Info about ROSEANNE:


Roseanne Desmarais: Age 32, Height 5’4”. 125 pounds competition wt, 140 off season.
Measurements: Chest 38, waist 26-28" hip,s 34-36, biceps 14 1/4”, and calves 16”
Breast size 36 DD, Size 5-8, Brown eyes, blonde hair.

Fitness/Bodybuilding competition history:
2002 ANBC West Coast Naturals – 2nd in couples, and 5th in short class (BB)
WNSO 2002 – 3rd in middleweight (BB)
Body Rush Classics 2002 – 2nd middleweight (BB)
WNSO 2003 –5th (fitness short class)
BC Provincials 2003 – 3rd middleweight (BB)
BC Provincials 2004 – 1st middleweight (BB)
Canadian National 2004 - 8th place out of 9 competitors! A great accomplishment
FVF 2004 – 3rd place overall and 1st place in strength.
FVF 2005 – 1st place overall!!! Finally and 1st in strength.
BC Provincials 2005 – 1st middleweight (BB)
Emerald Cup 2006 – 3rd Light weight (BB)
Western Canadians Tested April 2006 – 1st Middleweight (BB)
BC Provincials 2006 – 3rd Lightweight (BB)
FVF 2006 – 5th Overall, 1st overall in Tug O War.
Mr. Olympia 2006 Battle of the Biceps – 2nd place
FVF 2007 -2nd Overall.
Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am June 1/07 - 1st place lightweight, & OVERALL champ
BC Provincials 2007 - 1st middleweight (BB)
FVF 2007 August - 1st place Overall!!
2008 North American Bodybuilding Championships - 4th place middleweight
2008 Canadian Nationals Bodybuilding Championships -3rd place middleweight

Athletic background:
Competitive in all sports and love extreme sports.
Love tennis, volleyball, slow-pitch and working out!
Other competitions:
2002 Bench press competition –2nd with a 145 pound bench press
2003 Bench press competition –1st with a 155 pound bench press
Boxing (amateur) 10 fights: 6 wins, 4 loses, and 3 wins by KO
Toughman (boxing) 2004. won by a 2nd round KO! (Nov/04)
Toughman (boxing) 2006. 1st place. (3 wins, 2 KO)
Toughman (boxing) Oct 13/2007. won by KO in 15 seconds.
NFC II (MMA)– (0-1) loss to Lisa Ward (3 –3 min rounds) (Feb 18/04)
Wrestling – 6 gold, 1 silver. (2007 Western Canadians 1st)(2008-2nd)

Modeling and acting experience:
Photo shoots: Muscular Development Magazine (Dan Ray) JP Erickson (, Tre’ Scott, and to name just a few (sorry to those I missed)
Played as an extra in the movies: 1) An Unfinished Life; staring Jennifer Lopez and Robert Redford. 2) Miss Texas; a European based mini series. 3) B Brothers Blues; an extra and one voice line. 4) Firewall; with Harrison Ford. 5) Afghan Nights; staring Matt Madison. 6) Battlestar Galactica. 7) Joy Ride. 8) Featured in three Commercials: Headhunters, Platinum Realty, Supplement World.

Firearms Licence Possession - Acquisition
Registered Fitness leader - weight training
Serving-it-Right Certificate # 961129S0101
3M National Coaching Certificate Program Level 1 theory

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Please note:

Roseanne does not not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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© Photos 1-8 are courtesy of Tom Nine



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