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Welcome to the Page of the beautiful, very attractive, strong and muscular World Class Powerlifting Champion JILL MILLS!

(all pictures are used by Jill's personal permission)



Some Info about JILL:




Bodybuilding 1993-1995 
Powerlifting 1996 - present 
Strongwoman 1997 - present 


Women's Powerlifting 
#4 all time in the history of Women's Powerlifting, 181 lb. weight division 
#1 in the US 181 lb. class, 1998 and 2003 , #1 in 165 and 181 in 2001 
1997 USPF National Powerlifting Champion --Philadelphia, PA 
1997, 1998,1999, 2001 USPF State Powerlifting Champion -- Austin, Ft Hood, TX 
1999 APF Raw State Powerlifting Champion [set 4 new state records] -- Dallas, TX 
2001 USPF Texas Cup -set 4 new state and 1 new national record 
2003 APF state champion, 165 lv class and overall best lifter, 4 new state records, Austin TX 
2003 APF Nationals powerlifting champion 181 lb class, LA CA 
1997 Lonestar Strength Festival, Euless TX(injured) 
1997 North American Strongman Society Woman Athlete of the Year 
1998 NASS Metroplex Champ(including a 245 lb pushpress) -- Dallas, TX 
2000 York Barbell Champ -- York, PA 
2001 SW USA NASS Strongwoman Champ 
2001 Callander Roundtable Champ [World's Strongest Woman qualifier] 
2001 Killin Fair Champ 
2001 IFSA "World's Strongest Woman" champion, Zambia Africa 
2002 Feb 2, Northeast Showdown Pro Strongwoman, Boston: won all events. 
2002 May 2, St. Louis Microbrew festival Pro Strongwoman: won all events. 
2002 June 2, Clash of the Titan, Aberdeen Scotland: 1st overall. 
2002 "World's Strongest Woman" Champion, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 
* Undefeated in both powerlifting and strongwoman competitions



1996 Alamo Classic, 165 lb. division: 407 - 259 - 459 = 1,159
[totaled elite in 1st contest for 1st place] 
1997 State meet, 165 class: 413 - 265 - 485 = 1,163 [1st place] 
1997 USPF Nationals, 165 lb. class: 405 - 259 - 501 = 1,168
[1st place; qualified for the IPF] World Championships 
1998 APF Raw [NO GEAR] State Championships, 181 lb. class: 475 - 319 - 513 = 1,299
[1st place and 4 new state records] 
1998 Alamo Classic, 181 lb. class: 501 - 319 - 507 = 1,227 [1st place] 
1998 Metroplex Rep contest: 
27 reps with 175 lb. bench -- 100 % bodyweight 
60 reps with 85 lb. curls -- 50% of bodyweight 
18 reps with 350 lb. deadlift -- 200% bodyweight 
1999 IPA Westside Invitational, 181 lb. class: 501 - 300 - 485 = 1,286 [1st place]; Cleveland, OH 
1999 Texas State Championships, 181 lb. class: 513 - 325 - 507= 1,340 [1st place] 
2001 USPF Texas State Championships, 165 lb. class: 490 - 275 - 501 = 1,266 [1st place] 
2001 USPF Texas Cup guest lifter, 181 lb division
Set 4 new state records[518 squat, 518 and 523 deadlift ,1345 total] and 1 new national record[523 lb deadlift]
(2002 no pl meets, strongwoman only) 
2003 APF TX state meet (165) 495-529-551(miss)squat, 300-330(miss)-330(miss) bench, 485-507-pass deadlift 
2003 APF nationals (181) 518-551-573 squat, 345-363(miss)-363bench, 485-529-540deadlift=1477 total


Birthdate: March 2, 1972 
Marital Status: Married with 1 child. 
Education: Licensed Vocational Nurse [LVN] 2 years US ARMY 
Employment: Proprietor of "Jill's Bodymill" which offers Personal training, registered massage therapy, and diet consultation.


Current occupation:

registered massage therapist and personal trainer


Future goals:

professionally: To be a figure that represents all strong women. More tv work (commentating and other programs), guest appearances , etc... to remain healthy and have the ability to participate(an excel) in sports and exercise until the day I die. Personally: to be the best mom and wife I can be. To become more organized and make more time for volunteer work with children's programs and animal groups.


Upcoming competitions:

2003 WPC powerlifting World championships November 29, Calgary Canada.


Jill Facts:

time with Layla, Milo, and my dogs. Traveling, training ,competing (of course) and meeting new friends around the world, checking out the local music scene(there is no place like TX for sunshine, good music, easy going people, dancing, and cold beer)! Helping my clients accomplish their goals


Major dislikes- 
people that mistreat children and animals, working through injuries, dieting,.......


Favorite cheat foods/drinks- 
tortilla chips with salsa and margaritas , buffalo wings and beer



4 dogs! Fozzy (pit-retriever mix), conan (90 lb bassett..looks more like a walrus than a dog), Mazy(little girl bassett), and Yosef (retired racer greyhound), and a canary.


Favorite music:

americana. I have very eclectic taste though. I have a very diverse collection, depending on my mood.


Favorite lifts to train:

snatches, cleans, pushpresses /split jerks, squats



multivitamins, protein powders, and coral calcium.



moderately high protein, low-moderate carbs and fat.


Current training regimen:

back and bis, cleans, deadlifts (or some variation),grip


bench, light shoulders and tris


legs (squats), light upper back,

heavy shoulders, speed bench and tris abs each workout and cardio 2-3 x a week




JILL's Photo Gallery:


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