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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled NPC Figure Competitor DANIELLE ROULEAU!

(all pictures are used by Danielle's personal permission)



Some Info about DANIELLE:


Danielle Rouleau (“Dani”)

Occupation: NPC Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Actress
Birth date: October 14, 1984 in Brandon, Florida (24 years old)
Residence: Tampa, Florida
Height: 5' 6-3/4"
Weight: 130-135 (competition), 150 (off-season)
Stats: 36-23-34
Hair: Brown with blonde highlights
Eyes: Blue
Years training: Eight
Years competing: Six
Training gyms: Stroud's Fitness and XSport Fitness
Athletic background: Dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading
Strongest muscle groups: Quads, shoulders and abs
Hobbies: Working out, shopping, traveling
Favorite music: Country and hip-hop
Pets: Pets: Layla, my 6-year old Boxer & Gracie, my four month old Chihuahua

A little about me.... I grew up as a dancer, in fact I started dancing (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern and tap) when I was only two years old and began teaching dance at age 15. I also was a gymnast from age 6 until 15, and I progressed all the way to Level 8 status (Level 10 is the Olympics). When I entered high school I had a goal to make the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman so I focused on that and did it! Then we started having practices in a gym to make everyone really fit, and I was hooked but had no idea what I was doing. I was jumping from machine to machine, and had no clue about sets or resting or training body parts at different times in the week, or cardio .... it was sad :). A national level competitor approached me and started working with me my senior year .... he put me on a diet and trained me intensely so that I could prepare for a show. I was completely ready to do it and I was amazed by the transformation my body was making!! I entered my first contest in the open class, and did well even up against 25-35 year olds when I was a 17 year old teenager. From that moment on I was addicted to being on stage and this has been a dream for me.


So now after six years of competitions I have moved up the ranks and I placed in the top five at several national level shows in 2006. I experienced some injury setbacks in 2007 but am back and ready in 2008 and 2009, and my goals are the same - to get my IFBB professional status in figure and to compete in the Figure Olympia. My long-term career goals include owning and operating my own gym with a dance studio inside. I am one of the four founding athletes of and, two new sites that celebrate and spotlight the great competitors of our sport and do a lot for athletes. I am also a writer for both of those sites so please be sure to check out my training articles as well as my video interviews of IFBB pro competitors at shows!


The VIP Members Only area at my web site is huge and updated weekly, with thousands of photos and hundreds of video clips, and a ton of variety. I have a training page with details of my contest preparations including my stats, best lifts and video exercise demonstrations (some of them made up myself). You can see my most recent contest photos and placings as well as my upcoming appearance schedule on the “News” page.

I am also an experienced personal trainer with specialties in contest preparation for bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes; I can assist you in the muscle gaining phase, the dieting phase, the loading phase, and the competition presentation phase. My on site training is in North Tampa, but I am also available online. For more information on my personal training services please go to

My Recent Competition History
2008 NPC Junior USA Championships (Charleston, SC) – Figure E, 11th
2006 IFBB North American Championships – Figure D, 4th
2006 NPC Junior National Championships (Chicago) – Figure D, 4th
2006 NPC Junior USA Championships (Charleston, SC) – Figure D, 3rd
2005 NPC Gold Cup / Zena Collins Classic (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) – Figure tall, 1st
2005 NPC All South (St Augustine, FL) – Figure tall, 4th
2005 NPC USA Championships (Las Vegas) – Figure F, 15th
2004 NPC South Florida Championships – Figure tall, 1st
2004 NPC Junior Florida Championships – Figure tall, 2nd
2004 NPC Tampa Bay Classic – Figure tall, 1st
2003 NPC Southern States – Figure teen, 2nd
2003 NPC Lakeland Classic – Figure tall, 3rd
2003 NPC Tampa Bay Classic – Figure tall, 3rd


Please note:

Danielle does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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© Photos 1-3 are courtesy of Danielle's personal photography

© Photos 4-7 are courtesy of Maryann Glascock

© Photos 8-10 are courtesy of MuscleMoods

© Photos 11-12 are courtesy of John Horbelt



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