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Welcome to the Page of the great looking & very muscular Bodybuilder KAREN "SAQQARA" LUCAS!

(all pictures are used by Karen's personal permission)



Some Info about KAREN:


Birthday:October 26, 1959 
Hometown: Hollister, California 
Height: 5 ft 2 ˝ in 
Weight: 145 lbs offeason 120 lbs contest 
Measurements: (all done cold) 
Biceps: 14 in 
Wrist: 5 ˝ in 
Chest: 44 in 
Quads: 24 in 
Calves: 15 Ľ in 
Waist: 28 in 
Neck: 13 ˝ in


My Profile:
School Background: I grew up in NYC and went to public and Catholic schools, then to community college for my RN degree in California.


Hobbies/Interests:Body building, Bellydancing, Archery, Music, Travel, Camping, SHOPPING, EGYPT, CRUISES, Japan.


Favorite Movies:Wizard of Oz, Bruce Lee movies, Stargate, NIKITA Female Spy, The Underground, Mortal Combat, Coming to America, Dracula, Moses, Hercules, Cleopatra.


Favorite Music:Bellydancing (Arabic, Egyptian, Lebanese, Greek), Alternative, Classical, Hip-Hop, Rap, World, Rock, Motown.


Favorite TV Shows:Nikita, Stargate, Conan, Court TV
What I like in a Man:Honesty, MUSCLES, nice, silly, funny, serious, positive, likes animals, likes kids, dark hair, professional, hard worker


What I Dislike in a Man:Self-centered, arrogant, selfish, negative, boring


My Favorite Date is:ummmmmm haven't had it yet!!!!


My Strength: soon to come


How I Started Lifting Weights:I saw Lisa Lyons and Rachel McLish back in the 80s and loved the healthy, muscular look.


The Impact Bodybuilding Has Had on My Life:I see women working out more, and kids look up to me. Women want to know how to get a muscular body and ask me for advice.


What Motivates Me:Healthy people, different gyms, seeing big muscles


My Strongest/Weakest Muscle Groups:Strongest = legs Weakest = triceps


People's Reactions to My Lifting Weights:Stares, most are positive


My Future Goals in Athletics and Weightlifting: To compete and keep training all my life, and to teach younger kids to be healthy. Doing My Part to Win The Battle of The Sexes: Add to the female bodybuilding population.


Favorite Diet food:tuna & eggs,Jay Robb Protein Powders-Watermelon, Pina Colada, Creamsicle.


Favorite Foods:Cheesecake, sushi, Benihana, Todai, strawberries, Jelly Bellies


Press:I was featured in Free Lance front page for bellydancing, The Pinnacle newspaper for bodybuilding and archery.


Movie:Picked as one of the entries for Talent Search for the movie "NO PAIN NO GAIN", for the scene of Venice beach gym


Certifications: Certified fitness and nutrition, ACE certified personal trainer, Salimpour School Of Dance (SSSD) certification Level 1


Contest: Wiggle and Giggles Bellydance, Reno, troupe 2nd place, 2000, Peoples Choice Bellydance, Hollister, 2nd place Duet, 3rd place, soloist


Troup: I belong to Troup Soraya Bellydance, 1981 - present


Oh, by the way..... I'M SINGLE!!!


Please note:

Karen does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




KAREN's Photo Gallery:


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Karen can be contacted by e-mail at:

[email protected]


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