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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, incredible muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder MIMI JABALEE!

(all pictures are used by Mimi's personal permission)



Some Info about MIMI:


Born: Feb 17, 1967
Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA
Have 4 sisters, 1 brother, I am youngest


Fav. color: blue
Fav. cheat foods: ice cream brownie sundae, cheeseburgers, pizza, peanut butter & jelly
Fav. diet food: Filet mignon, green beans, eggs, potatoes, brown rice, asparagus
Likes: the beach, sunsets, R&B, hip hop & jazz, massages,(both giving and receiving), shopping, reading, riding in my Jeep with the top down
Dislikes: phony people, child and animal abuse


Pet: Yorkie/Silky Terrier; he is 12 years old, weighs 16 lbs
Name: BEAU


Occupation: Chiropractor for 10 years


I moved to Georgia Jan.of 1987 to attend Life Chiropractic College. 6 months later began lifting weights at Gold's Gym in Marietta, Ga (where I now live). This is where I first met Annie Rivecchio. I had been a spectator of the sport of BBing since taking a job in a gym back in Michigan at age 16. I admired the physiques and attended a few local contests to support competing gym members. I wanted to eventually compete, and I knew this from the start.


1992 Georgia 2nd place middle wt.
1997 " " " " 
1999 " " " heavy wt.
2001 Eastern Seaboard 1st place/Overall heavy 
2001 Nationals 8th place heavy wt.
2003 Nationals 2nd place heavy
2004 Nationals 5th place heavy

2005 Nationals 1st place heavy & overall (earned my Pro card)


I train 5-6 days per week. My training does not vary too much between "off season" and Precontest. I always train hard and smart. Actually, it gets more intense as i approach the precontest phase since i am stronger and recovering faster at this point. I'm also eating more during my "diet".


I have lots of favorite exersises. A few include: chins, dips, dumbell flys, barbell bench press, bentover DB row, DB side lateral raise, all leg exersises, donkey calf raise, preacher curl


My Fav. body part (of mine): legs-calves too


Thighs - 26 in.
Calves-16 in.
(knees- 13 in.) (ankles- 8.5 in.)
Arms- 16in. Forearms- 13 in.
(elbows- 10 in.) (wrists- 6 in)


I played softball from age 8 to 34 fast pitch and slow pitch. 
Basketball 12 to 24
Bowling 10 to 17 (on a league)
High School Volleyball


I enjoy listening to music, especially in my jeep on the way to the gym VERY LOUDLY.
I like movies, i like going out to dinner with friends, I enjoy red wine, coffee (but i recently stopped drinking it) cuddling with Beau,(he gives the best hugs), i like to cook, write poems, burn candles.


Please note:

Mimi does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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© Photo 1-2 and 9 are courtesy of Gene X Hwang

© Photo 6 is courtesy of Reg Bradford

© Photos 7-8 & 10-11 are courtesy of Amanda Dunbar

© Photo 12 is courtesy of Hans Klein



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