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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & pretty muscular IFBB Professional  Figure Competitor MARCY PORTER!

(all pictures are used by Marcy's personal permission)



Some Info about MARCY:


I grew up in the small town of Georgetown, Massachusetts. I was a shy only child that wasn’t involved in any sports other then league soccer. When I finished high school I moved to Orlando to brighten my horizons. I started working out because I didn’t want to gain weight at school and I started to see small changes that I liked. When I decided to join a gym it was there I met my first competitor. She was getting ready for a fitness show and I thought it looked like so much fun! But at the time I had no dance or gymnastic background and I was bummed! It turned out later that year there was the first local Figure event and I decided to do it! I had some help for the show but I was not ready, bad suits, bad posing!! Lucky for me my current trainer saw me and he recognized my great shape and my potential to do well in the sport. It wasn’t until a year later we stumbled across each other in the gym. He helped me with my diet for a show or two….and I did better but I wasn’t putting my all into it. Then in April 2003 I placed 3rd at a National Qualifier and Chris Eaddy my trainer told me I had the genetics and shape to compete Nationally and possibly turn pro. I didn’t completely believe him but I decided to put my all into it. That year I had a good year, I won a few shows had good placings….but was not ready and got overlooked of a class of 68 girls at The 2003 Figure Nationals.


So I took the off season to build more muscle and make my physique more complete. I started the year off by winning the medium class at the 2004 Ironman Magazine Figure contest. I also met a modeling and marketing group that wants to work with me. Eight weeks later I once again stepped on the National Stage in New Haven Connecticut for 2004 JR. USAS. In my class there was 22 girls and I came in second only losing to Tara Scotti who went on to earn her pro card ! SO now I plan on continuing on competing and not giving until I am able to step on stage with the pros!


Contest History
2004 Figure Nationals (pro qualifer) 1st C class (turned IFBB Pro)
2004 Jr. Nationals(pro qualifer) 7th C class

2004 Jr.Usa's ( pro qualifer) 2nd Class C
2004 Ironman Pro (medium class) 1st
2003 Southern USA (Level 5) 3rd
2003 Ancient City Classic (Level3) Overall
2003 Southern States (Level 5 ) 3rd
2003 Figure Nationals(Pro Qualifier) Top half of 68 
2003 Southeastern (Level 5) 1st
2002 Southeastern (Level 5) 2nd
2001 Central Florida district(Level 3) 4th
2001 Hurricane Bay(Level 4) 4th


Please note:

I do not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




MARCY's Photo Gallery:


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