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Welcome to the Page of the very beautiful and muscular Natural Bodybuilding Champion KIMBERLY AGNEW!

(all pictures are used by Kimberly's personal permission)



Some Info about KIMBERLY:


Where were your born?
I was born in Missoula, MT 5-30-1966


What is your profession?
I am an ISSA certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Performance Nutrition
I am the co-owner of PhyZique Fitness Studios
I am an NGA Professional Bodybuilder, Guest Poser and Fitness Seminar Co-ordinator, choreographer........
And..........a wife and .mother of 4 great kids of course!!


Were you involved in sports of fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started weight training?
Growing up I was a national level competitive gymnast. I competed for the Bitterroot Gymnastics Club of Missoula, MT. At the age of 17 I was a bit burned out on the training and time it took to compete and decided to end my gymnastics career the wings was a full ride scholarship that I now regret turning down to end my career. Although my desire to be a competitive gymnast had disappeared, my drive to perform, compete and successful was still in full force. Natural bodybuilding was an easy transition for me. It allowed the same intense training in the gym, the same on stage performances and a new challenge!


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right form the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
I probably would never have competed had it not been for fellow NGA pro Terry Baldwin. He was a gym owner where I trained in 1988. Terry was promoting an NPC show at the time in Missoula and was short of female competitors. He convinced me to compete in my first show 6 weeks later! (it was not small task to convince me either!) After a taste of the stage, the performance, the competition...........I was hooked! Although my careeer as a bodybuilder has been a rollercoaster of competing, time off, babies, competing, time off etc...It has since become a huge part of who I am.


Can you give me your competition history?
2006 NGA Professional Universe-1st-Overall Champion
2006 NGA Southern States Professional-1st Overall Champion
2006 Guest Poser NGA Health Habits Natural Bodybuilding Championships-MT
2006 Guest Poser NGA Natural USA's Night of Champions-TX
2006 NPC Emerald Cup Middleweight-2nd
2005 NGA Crockett Street Classic (Pro Debut) 4th and Best Posing Award
2005 NGA Northwest Naturals-1st Heavyweight-Overall Champion (won pro card) and best posing award
2003 NGA Glacier States BB Championships -guest poser (4 mos after baby #4)
2002 NGA Northwest Natural-2nd heavyweight
2002 WFNA Big Sky Natural-2nd Heavyweight-1st masters
2000 NPC Rocky Mountain States-2nd heavyweight
1999 Musclemania-1st Heavyweight
1999 NGA Northwest natural-3rd heavyweight
1989 NPC Glacier States BB Championships-1st Heavyweight and mixed pairs
1988 NPC Montana-3rd heavyweight


2006 WABDL Benchpress Championships-1st in weight class and state record holder


Which contest has been your biggest success: which has had the most meaning to you?
I have to say 2005 NGA Northwest Natural. It was the first show that my children, husband and family were able to attend with me. Not only did I win my weight class, but the overall, my pro card and the best posing award!!! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and hearing how proud your children are of you. My oldest son Beau, then 13 overheard some people a row in front of him make a complimentary comment about me when I was on stage and he said "THats my mom!" to make sure they knew! I love that! Especially when most 13 year old boys are "to cool" for mom!


Please tell me something about your training routine:
I train on a 4 day split, training each body part hard once weekly. As show time nears, I hit shoulders glutes and abs more frequently with less intensity. Off season cardio is sprint intervals 3x weekly. On season is 45 low intensity 7 days weekly! UGHH!! Not a cardio person unless it is short and fast!


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one do you like the least?
I love any kind of squat!!!!! Especially 1 leg squats!! I am a glute girl! I also love to train biceps! As for my least favorite.......has to be benchpress! That is why I forced myself to compete in the WABDL Natural Benchpress gave me a goal to aim toward and teach myself how to like benchpress! Do I like it now?.....not so much, I guess I dont dislike it so much anymore!


Which body part is your best in your opinion?
OOhhhh, I hate this a competitor, all we see are the improvements we need to make! But, I guess if I had to pick........yeah, that is it butt! I like my glutes! I am complimented most on my glutes, abs and biceps.


If you dont mind would you give me some stats: (best lifts-body measurements)
squat-365 ( i probably cheated a bit , but I got it back up!)


What do you enjoy about training for competition...what do you enjoy about the off season?
I have to be honest and say that the training, nutrition, discipline of training for a compeition is not difficult, no more or less enjoyable than off season.........the training is just who I am and what I do. What I love most about competition is the awesome people I am privelaged to stand on stage with and compete with! I have met so many wonderful athletes that all have inspirational stories to tell! Show time is a time for me to take in as much as I can from these athletes and let myself be inspired. If I can maybe inspire a bit along the way GREAT! I love giving to this sport because all I have received in return is phenomenal!


Please describe a typical day in the life of Kimberly Agnew.
Here we go, at the risk of boring you! Up at 4:30 a.m. 45 min cardio. Shower, eat and get the kids up fed and off to school and daycare. Then off to the studio for 8-12 hours of training clients. Evening comes and I head home, cook dinner, help with homework, manage adolsecent melt downs, try to chat with the hubby before showering and trying to be asleep by 10:00 p.m..........oh yeah and somewhere in there, there is my workout, laundry, chauffering to baseball, football, hockey, gymnastics...etc....oh and the school functions, and depending on the time of year about 10-15 competing clients with questions, minor melt downs etc.......oh, and if I am prepping for competition making my food, suits and coreographing my routine...........hmmmmmmmmm I know I have left something out........You have got to be bored to death by now so I will stop!


Please tell me about what you do when you dont work.
I am at the football field, baseball diamond, hockey rink or gymnastics club watching my kids! There is nothing like that feeling when your childs eyes meet yours after their first over the fence home run, or first cartwheel. Amazing! I am the proudest parent of all when I get to see them proud of themselves!


What do you enjoy most about bodybuilding lifestyle?
Where do I start? I enjoy most the fact that I am healthy due to bodybuilding and that will afford me a long quality life with my family filled with much happiness!


Tell me something interesting about yourself, something people may be surprised to hear.
Right after high school, I got myself into a situation of very low self esteem, I could not look in the mirror and like the person I saw. I was bulemic, depressed and very unhealthy! One day I woke up to the reflection, realized who I was looking at an knew I needed to make a change. From that day forward my life has taken a healthy path and I love introducing others to the healthy lifestyle. The life change for me was invigorating! I only hope to reach as many people as possible in my lifetime and help them make that same invigorating healthy change!


What are your competitin goals or personal future goals?
I am venturing into the figure arena for the first time this spring. I would love to know that as an NGA Natural Professional Bodybuilder that I can possibly cross into the IFBB figure arena as a natural! Earning my professional status in both venues is my competition goal!


My future business goals, are to build out studios success! We hope to connect with the community, youth, education and offer seminars on drug free athletics. We are also venturing into bridging the generation gap with our youth and those older generations by offering a non profit program to senior high school students in our area. They would interact with chosen residents and teach skills, help take the residents for walks and learn what life was like 2-3 generations ago. They will compete for a college scholarship by developing a presentation to be judged and awarded by placing.


As for my family goals, to inspire my children to dream big! I enjoy each and every day I am blessed with to watch them discover themselves and I hope to help propel them into their adult lives with the best guidance, and love I possibly can. I hope to grow old (healthy) with my husband and look back with no regrets!


Please note:

Kimberly does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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