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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and muscular Italian IFBB Professional Figure Competitor LORENA COZZA!

(all pictures are used by Lorena's personal permission)



Some Info about LORENA:


Lorena Cozza has been an active part of fitness for over 10 years and the way things are looking there’s simply no stopping her now! But let’s take a closer look at this lady’s climb to success.


Italian-born Lorena, with her explosive physique, lives and works in Italy. 
Thanks to her physical attributes and undeniable talent, since 1998 she has achieved some truly amazing results, adding a number of the most prestigious titles to her name.


Lorena, who is recognized both locally and abroad as a leading Italian athlete in the world of professional fitness, owes her success to her incisive character and boundless energy, which kept her doggedly engaged in almost 14 years of harsh weight-lifting routines.


Her first encounter with the professional world took place in 1998, after years of intense training under the watchful eye of a brilliant personal trainer. The latter, seeing the genetic aptitude and willpower of this girl, convinces her to take part in the small category of the Natural Female Body Building Selection for the New York World Championships. 
And that was it! This was to be her springboard to the world of competitive bodybuilding and fitness.


Her first contest… her first victory. After that it was one show after another and awards to follow suit, until in 2003 she finally went for it big time, becoming an IFBB professional. 
Her achievements also owe their roots to the artistic gymnastics and athletics which she had always practiced since childhood.


Over the years Lorena has collaborated with a number of Italian Fitness-oriented companies, working as a model, promoter, sales agent, technical consultant and personal trainer in many fitness centers.


She was also chosen to be the testimonial of Acquaviva, a producer of nutritional supplements for athletes located in San Marino, Italy. Lorena is currently employed as Gym Manager in a Fitness Center.


Besides her profound love for sports and in particular for Body Building, Lorena also enjoys all forms of dancing - modern, hi-pop, Latin and Caribbean - although she has very little time to dedicate to these activities. She also loves to be in contact with nature and adores all sorts of animals especially cats and dogs.


Summer and winter, whenever there’s time to relax, the sea and the beach is where you’ll see her heading, a choice dictated by her cheerful and nonconformist nature.


Asked about her future, her primary goal is to excel in the Professional Category too, although she is very much aware that a European athlete competing in the USA isn’t exactly in for an easy life!


Career Highlights

1999 1st place USA World Championships Selection

2000 1st place Italian Natural Bodybuilding Championships

2001 7th place IFBB European Fitness Championships in Kiev (Russia)

2001 1st place Night of Champions IFBB Fitness Pioneer

2001 1st place Colosseum IFBB Fitness Pioneer

2001 4th place Two Towers Trophy - Bodybuilding Soft category

2002 1st place Ms. Treviso - Fitness category

2002 1st place Ms. Verona - Fitness category

2002 1st place Italtian Fitness Championships

2002 1st place European Fitness Championships

2003 17th place Jan Tana Classic IFBB Pro Figure

2004 23rd place California Show IFBB Pro Figure

2005 12th place New York IFBB Pro Figur


Please note:

Lorena does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




LORENA's Photo Gallery:


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