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Welcome to the Page of the incredible beautiful and very muscular Canadian IFBB Pro Bodybuilder LOUISE St. PIERRE!

(all pictures are used by Louise's personal permission)



Some Info about LOUISE:


I was born on February 23, 1970 in Montreal, Quebec. I lived in Montreal until the age of 21, where I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to go to University. I returned to Montreal 6 years later with a Bachelor`s Degree in Exercise Science. I own a supplement shop and juice bar with my fiancé Yan Michelin, who is also a bodybuilder. We both work as Personal Trainers at the same gym in LaPrairie, Quebec.


I started lifting weights at 20 years of age. Before that I was always active. I loved (still do) playing sports especially softball. I played on an elite team when I was a teen. I started lifting weights because I wanted to lose fat and get my body in shape. I trained for 8 years before I decided to compete. People asked me a few times why I didn`t compete sooner. It`s because although I loved to train, I was so busy with school and work. I didn`t feel ready yet, but I knew I would compete one day.


In 1998, Benoit Brodeur (the president of the Bodybuilding Federation of Quebec) approached me at the gym and asked me if I wanted to compete for Quebec and he introduced me to my first coach, Roger Leveiller. I entered my first contest in June 1998 at the age of 28. It was the Regional competititon and I won the Heavyweight and Overall titles. 3 weeks later I entered the Provincials and again won the Heavyweight and Overall titiles. I took 2 years off before entering the Canadian Bodybuilding Championships in the year 2000. I placed 4th and realized that at the National level I had to come in much more ripped! So 2 years later I came back to the Nationals and came in 2nd. This time I was more defined but was pretty flat and lost muscle mass. (Due to bad preparation on my part), But still I knew I could compete in much better shape. My coach was Leo Defruscia for these contests(2000 and the last 4 weeks of 2002). He too, like Roger was a great coach but at the time a lot was going on in my life and it was difficult for me to give 100% into my training and dieting.


It wasn`t until this year, 2004, my 5th contest, that I felt that I had trained and given 100% to my preparation. As any bodybuilder will tell you, competing is a FULL TIME job! This time I had all the right surroundings, my job, I had great sponsors and my very supportive fiancé, Yan, helped me out tremendously. My coach is Robert Joubert who simply an amazing coach. I was introduced to him by IFBB Pro Sophie Duquette who was also trained by him for many years. She had told me on numerous occasions that Robert was the reason for her great success. Now I understand what she means. As any good coach knows, the more you work with an athlete, the better you know the athlete and the better they will perform. Robert assures me that I will come in much better condition at the Pro level.


I plan to compete in 2005, but not sure which show I will do. As soon as I decide I will definetly let everyone know!


I train 5 x a week, take weekends off. I`ve been training for 14 years and most of my programs have been training each body part once a week. This year though, I trained legs and back twice a week and touched up on weak points on Fridays. I always do some cardio about 3, 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes at a HIGH INTENSITY(most of the time!!) My training doesn`t change that much when I get ready for a contest. I don`t train very heavy, I use strict form as much as possible and keep my rep range between 8 and 15, sometimes going up to 20 or more.


My best body part is probably my calves (16inches) and hamstrings. My weakest is my chest and my quad sweep. My arms are thick, but lack detail. I love training legs, back and shoulders, least chest and arms. I do abs 2, 3 x a week but I will train them harder this year to get more thickness. Overall I think my back poses are mucher stronger than my front poses. I prefer the good old fashion barbell and dumbbell exercise to machines, but will use machines to isolate some muscle groups(which I need to do more of).



When I'm not working at the gym or training, I love to do outdoor sports, especially rollerblading. I love going for long walks and Autumn is my favourite season. The temperature is just right! I absolutely love dogs, especially big breeds. I own an American Pitbull named Dillon which I have had for 8 years now. He`s the best dog! Last year I adopted another dog, Toby. If I had the space I would have tons of dogs and probably horses too! I love all animals. I love going out to good restaurants with my fiancé Yan. It`s a sacrifice we miss when we`re dieting for contests! We really enjoy red wine! I also enjoy reading, it really relaxes me. I plan to take up Yoga soon because it helps with flexibility, posture and is great for the mind!


Please note:

Louise does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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