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"Muscle Models for Haiti" - Raising Money for Charity

In January 2010 the tiny island nation of Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake. With over 200,000 dead and many more without shelter, food or water, Haiti needs help.

A group of physique models and competitors decided they could turn their muscle power into money and help the people of Haiti. The result is nine video clips called “Muscle Models for Haiti.”

These clips feature a variety of scenarios including athletic challenges such as pushups, armwrestling and biceps curls; gym workout footage; and of course flexing.

The video clips, all shot in high-definition, are available for download with donations ranging from $5 to $8. Because all parties involved donated their time, 100 percent of the revenue will go directly to the Red Cross to support their efforts to help the people of Haiti.

To support this cause, go here:

If you’re unable to purchase one of the video clips, please make a donation to your favorite charity.

Special thanks to the following for making this project possible:

Andy’s Muscle Goddesses (

Wendy Lindquist (

Martina Yabekova

Jasmin (



Julie Bilodeau

Kristen Reaves (

Pantheon Athletic Club (

FemSport (

Diana The Valkyrie (

Athletic Women (

Her Flex Appeal (


Sample Videos:

Muscle Models for Haiti I (33.4 MB)  Muscle Models for Haiti II (29.7 MB)  Muscle Models for Haiti III (31.3 MB)




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