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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very muscular & attractive NPC National Level Bodybuilder KAYLIE PERRY!

(all pictures are used by Kaylie's personal permission)



Some Info about KAYLIE:


When I first told people I wanted to train for competition, many questioned my capabilities, both silently and aloud. Not everyone believed I could do it. Some simply didn't understand how one could tranform their phsique through proper diet and training. 
Sometimes proving people wrong is just as rewarding as attaining your goals.


It wasn’t until I was 17 years old that my older brother Aaron introduced me to weight training. At that time, he was preparing for his first bodybuilding competition. I began training primarily my lower body using Cory Everson’s regimen that was featured in Muscle and Fitness. I began to thoroughly enjoy weight training. I’d always envied muscular women and wanted to someday have a muscular physique of my own. I was a chronic dieter most of my young adult life. Always striving to be thin, I was never happy with the way I looked, and constantly struggled with low self-esteem. Several years went by, and my training was very inconsistent.


From 1998-2002, I trained out of a power lifting gym. It was there that I began to develop a thick muscle base, however, I was still training my favorite body parts and neglecting my least favorite. I’d always thought I had the right genetics and a great body structure for bodybuilding, and I hoped that someday I could commit seriously to the sport, eventually competing. It wasn’t until I approached my 30’s that I realized I needed to find a balance in my life. In October 2002, I decided to move to Florida. Living alone, away from family and friends, allowed me solitude to sort out my life and I became very focused. I set a personal goal for myself, to become competitive in the sport of bodybuilding. I knew before leaving NH that I wanted to become dedicated to revitalizing myself and to pursue a passion I’d had for many years. It wasn’t long after joining Gold’s Gym that my friend and mentor, Amanda Dunbar, approached me. She thought I had probably done a show before. When I told her no, she was surprised and told me, “You need to do a show.” She encouraged me to compete and I became more determined to do so. While in Florida, I attended several bodybuilding shows and met a few IFBB’s. After just one year, I moved back to NH.Bodybuilding is an awesome sport. It teaches you discipline, self-respect, nutrition, training, human sciences, increases your self-esteem and helps you to overcome fears. I never really thought about how involved it was going to be when I started. I love the rush I get on stage, posing, performing, and of course, winning!


To change your body is empowering. It’s the best example of who you are, and what you are really capable of, both personally and professionally. I will continue to broaden my education in bodybuilding, and would enjoy assisting others with their fitness goals.


Typical day in the life of Kaylie Perry
Now that I am less than 6weeks out. My regimen is very repetitive. A typical day would be to wake by 8:00, arrive at the gym by 8:30 for cardio 1.5hrs. I will practice posing for 15 minutes thereafter and follow up with some socializing and then back home. Now, I am ready for meal one, out of 5-6 daily. Prepping my meals is first and foremost and occurs everyday. My menu is very basic, but I keep it seasoned very well. I love to cook and create beautiful dishes, even during contest prep. After all bodybuilding is about the “optical illusion.” I try not to suffer on the diet by adding flavor with fresh herbs and utilizing the grill, stove and oven to add or alter texture to my food. But the closer you get to show time certain ingredients must go sacrificing flavor. After meals one and two, I will work on the computer for awhile. I may also a lot for an afternoon nap 1/1.5hrs. I’ll wake for my next meal, and get programmed for my second trip to the gym. I will do another cardio session 30-45min. followed with an abdominal routine/stretching, and yes more socializing.


09/2004 New Hampshire State 1st Place
09/2004 Tournament of Champions 1st Place O/A
11/2004 Eastern USA 1st Place O/A

11/2005 NPC Nationals, 8th Place, Middleweight


Some Stats:
DOB: July 27, 1972
RESIDES: Laconia, New Hampshire
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Blonde
NATIONALITY: French/Puerto Rican



Chest: 39, Lats :42, Shoulder Girth: 45.5, Biceps: Right 14.5, Left 14.25, Thighs: Right 24, Left 24.5, Calves: Right 16, Left 16CHEST: 39 LATS: 42


BEST BODYPARTS: Shoulders, Traps, Back


Training schedule during contest prep
Cardio 2x daily, am 1.5hrs, pm 30-45min.
Limited weight training, 2x per week, attaining upper body and lower body pumps.


GOALS FOR 2005-2006
Place top 5 at my first National show, the Nationals
Learn to manage my diet better in the off-season.
Compete at the North American in 2006.


Please note:

Kaylie does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




KAYLIE's Photo Gallery:


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