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Welcome to the Page of the muscular and very attractive NPC National Level Bodybuilder KELLY DOBBINS!

(all pictures are used by Kelly's personal permission)



Some Info about KELLY:


I was born in Albany, Or. I am a Personal Trainer own two Private Personal 
Training Facilities.


I didn't play any sports in High School but I was in the Hight 
School Marching Band.


I started weight training to get in shape at the local Gold Gym.There were alot of competitive bodybuilders that worked out there so I started to get the competition bug. Some of the members started to talking to me about competing as my body developed more muscle. I started competing in the mid 80's through the early 90's with relatively good success. I continued to train but stopped competing in the mid 90's and as I developed more mature muscle, I decided to compete again in 1998. This is when I had my greatest success.


1998 San Jose Bodybuilding 1st in Lightweight and Overall
1998 Ed Corney Bodybuilding 1st in Lightweight and Overall
1998 Sacramento Bodybuilding 1st in Lightweight
1999 Contra Costa Bodybuilding 1st in Lighweight
1999 California State Championship 1st in Lightweight


All of my competition were meaningful but I guess the California State Championship was the best because it's one of the toughest state competitions.


I train 4 days per week and do some type of cardio 3 to 4 days per week. My training split is Chest and Tricep, Back and Biceps, Shoulders and Calves, Quads and Hamstrings. I love to train legs and Squats and Leg Presses are my favorites. My legs are my best bodypart in my opinion. I don't really have any bodyparts that I don't like to train but barbell bench bothers my shoulders so I don't do those. I do dumbbells instead.


Dumbbell incline I work up to 65 lbs for reps.
Squats I work up to 275 lbs for reps
Leg Press I work up to 1000 lbs for reps 
Dumbbell Curls I work up to 35 lbs for reps
Pullups sets of 10 bodyweight


My biceps are 14.5, quads 24, calves 15 in the offseason at a bodyweight of 140 lbs. Precontest weight est. 124 lbs this year. I love the feel of the heavy weight when I train. When I'm preparing for a contest it's awesome to see your body make such a dramatic change as you get leaner. In the offseason I love to eat good food and have red wine. I don't eat funk food or sweets. Just fine dining at a nice restaurant.


I enjoy traveling especially to different countries. I love to cook so I'm always trying new recipes. I read novels at night with a nice glass of
red wine by candle light. 

My competition goals include competing in the Emerald Cup April 2007 and the Contra Costa May 2007 to re-qualify for the USA Championships. I didn't compete in the USA or the National when I qualified back in 1998 so I will do the USA in July 2007. I'm training hard and I have put on alot more muscle since I competed 8 years ago. I'm a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I won the US Open in Sana Cruz in 2006, I was a white belt.. I plan on competing in the World Championship this year in August.


Please note:

Kelly does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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