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July 29th 2023



Welcome to the Preview Page for the outstanding female muscle website,, a partner and sister site of On you will find some of the VERY best muscular models in the industry - HDPhysiques sponsored athletes, and girls with exceptional crazy shape, ripped muscle and gorgeous looks!

Since our last update here at Andy's Muscle Goddesses, we've added new stuff featuring RIPPED and massive Female MUSCLE Superstars like Katie Lee, Brooke Walker, Beefnuggette, & More! Only the FINEST in female muscle at PremiumPhysiques! See the new samples below, and make your way over to our site to JOIN and enjoy the most exciting and impressive female muscle superstars in the world! Also, enjoy nearly a decade of our past legacy shoots, featuring Shannon Courtney, Dani Reardon, Autumn Swansen, Stephanie Marie, Hailey Delf, Danielle Mastromatteo and many more - JOIN today with the HDPhysiques combo offer and save up to $8.00/month!

Also, be sure to check out our recent additions to our video-on-demand store at, as we've recently added the NEW STUDIOS of Melinda Lindmark, Emily Nosler, Steph Koerber, and More! PLUS, NEW CONTEST SHAPE BEEFNUGGETTE, and the usual updates in the studios of Brooke Walker, Carli Terepka, Katie Lee and more!

Plus, check out the c4s store for those with accounts there:





Brooke & Carli  Brooke & Carli  Katie Lee  Katie Lee

Brooke Walker  Brooke Walker  Brooke Walker  Brooke Walker

Natalia Coelho  Natalia Coelho  Beefnuggette  Beefnuggette

Beefnuggette  Beefnuggette  Carli Terepka  Brooke Walker



Sample Video Clips:


Julia Foery (133.0 MB)


Natalia Coelho (65.8 MB)


Kass G (44.4 MB)


Katie Biggs (22.5 MB)



Latest Video Clips:






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