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Welcome to the Profile Page of the attractive and very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder BETTINA SALOMONE!

(all pictures are used by Bettina's personal permission)



Some Info about BETTINA:


1. Where were you born?
In a small town in Northrhine Westphalia, Germany. In 2000 I moved to Boston, MA, USA and in June of 2008 I moved to Palm Springs, CA where I reside with my husband and our boxer dog.


2. What is your profession?
I am an optician and the manager of the optical department in an ophthalmology office.


3. What kind of activities/sports did you do before you started lifting weights?
Horseback riding. I had my first pony at the age of 12, then “big horses” after that. I did that for quite some time, also took part in competitions.


4. How and when did you get involved into lifting weights?
There was a women’s gym across the street from where I worked in Germany. I had to kill two hours during lunch break every day so one day I just walked right in and checked it out. That’s how the whole thing started, I spent every lunch break in there from that point, sometimes even went back there at night for another training session or one of the aerobics classes.


5. Goal to compete right away?
Honestly, and I hope that doesn’t sound too vain – it was. I remember when I touched the weights for the first time - it just felt like the right thing and I was hooked. The gym owner was a competitive bodybuilder and we started training together pretty soon after I joined her gym. Of course it took me quite some years to actually get up on stage for the first time.


6. First competition and placing?
Well the first one wasn’t such a great shot ;-), I placed 5th out of five at a local IFBB qualifier for the German Championships in 1994 if I remember correctly. I think I erased that from my memory ;-) !


7.Which contest /biggest success?
Definitely the Jr. Nationals this year, where I won the Heavyweight class.


8. List of competitions
1997: NABBA qualifier for the NABBA German Championships – 1st place 
1997: NABBA German Championships - 1st place 
1998: NABBA Night of Champions (qualifier for the European Championships) – 1st place
1998: NABBA European Championships – 1st place and Overall
1998: NABBA World Championships – 5th place
2002: Musclemania World Championships – 1st place Heavyweight
2003: NPC New England/New Hampshire – 1st place Heavyweight and Overall 
2003: NPC New England /New Hampshire Tournament of Champions -1st place Heavyweight and Overall
2004: Qualifier for the German Championships 1st place Heavyweight and Overall
2004: IFBB German Championships 2nd place Heavyweight
2005: NPC New England Championships-1st place Heavyweight and Overall
2005: NPC Jr.Nationals-1st place Heavyweight

2006: NPC Nationals - 8th Place Heavyweight

2007: NPC USA - 6th Place Heavyweight

2009 California State Championships 3rd place HW
2009 Los Angeles Championships 2nd place HW


9. Typical day:
My husband and I get up at 6 am and take our dogs (our girls Barbie (boxer) and DeeDee (pug) out for a walk. Twice a week I train with the famous Jean Pierre Fux at 6 am, which means getting up at 4.45am..not so fun!. Afterwards we have breakfast and head out for work. The other days we train at night but we are usually done by 8pm and enjoy a nice dinner and plenty of quality time after that, jump in the pool or jacuzzi if we feel like it. It's great to finally have a nice balance between homelife and competiton, with my husband being my biggest fan, for example preparing my chicken for me while I am still stuck on the treadmill in contest prep. Thank goodness I can do cardio at home now and don't have to drive to the gym for that anymore.


10. How often do you train a week?
Off season I train two days on, one day off. I like to train heavy as my body responds best to that.


11. Main differences competiton /off season
I try to go heavy as long as I can, usually until about 4-5 weeks out. Well and then there is the hatred cardio, it always takes me quite some effort to really lean down so I add two cardio sessions/day in pre-contest time. The first one is from 5am-6.30am before breakfast, the second one after training at night around 10pm-11pm. And then not to forget the diet, always hard for me. I’m a confessing chocoholic and especially at the beginning of the diet it is hard to stick with it and stay away from the “nasty stuff”. Once I see my body transform it’s easy to be “good” ;-).


11. Stats:
Best lifts: Bench 225 lbs, squats 285 lbs, leg press 1000 lbs.
Some stats: Biceps 15.5 inches, quads 24.5 inches.


12. Best body part
Oh that’s easy, definitely my back!


13. Favorite exercise / least favorite
I love training arms, I don’t necessarily have a favorite exercise. I really like to hit them with supersets. What I really hate are preacher curls.
My least favorite exercise is squats. I’m definitely stronger in my upper body so I have to work hard to make my legs grow.


14. Hobbies
We travel a lot and like spending time with friends, going to the movies, taking advantage of the cultural offers our town has with its great theaters and restaurants. Due to both our professions we also attend a lot of social functions. I recently went back to horsebackriding too. We don't have much time for our great pool and jacuzzi during the week but make up for that on the weekends, since every day is sunny here in Palm Springs!


Please note:

Bettina does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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