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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and pretty muscular Romanian Bodybuilding Champion IRINA MUNTEAN!

(all pictures are used by Irina's personal permission)



Some Info about IRINA:


My name is Irina Muntean. I am 36 years old, still amateur bodybuilder, and I was born, and still living in Romania. I work as sport teacher, in a sports school in Bucharest, and as trainer too. So that job also helps me with my training. I graduated at Ecologic University - at Fizic Education college for 5 years - Bucharest.


In my youth, I practiced 10 years of ballet, and I think that was the principal base of my leg muscles for my future in bodybuilding. Also, I was a sport kind of child, always. I practiced in many sports in my youth (swiming, ice skating, handball, athletics) Then, as very young woman at 18 years old, I maried and soon my son was born. He is 17 yers old now (he is a very nice young man-breakdancer also).


After giving birth to my son, I wanted to work on my body shape and I started to practice aerobics, gymnastics and jogging too. In short time I went to a gym for the first time. I liked to work out very much but never thought that I will be competing as a bodybuilder. I just wanted to keep my well body shape. One trainer from the gym watched me and told me that I should compete, because I have a very good proportion and symmetry and a very well potential for being a bodybuilding winner and then he convinced me to do that. I competed for the first time at a regional competition where I placed 3rd in 1992. In 1993 I placed 3rd at National Championship, -57 kg, and then in following 10 years I won always at 52kg and 57kg, at National Championships.


In 1993 I divorced , and I continued to work out , I moved in another gym in 1994 where I have met my trainer who is my b/f too, and together continued to work out and he helped me to know all that I know today about bodybuilding and to win almost all of my competitions (he is an international bodybuilding judge too). Irina is also an international bodybuilding judge since 2002.


I can put here just all of my most important international results:
1st Place at European Championships Yalta - Ucraine Midleweight class
3rd Place at European Championship Brasov - Romania at mixed pairs
5th Place at World Championships Santa Susana - Spain in September 2005 Midleweight class

World Woman BB Championship Alicante(Spain) 1998-1st place-52kg,
World Woman BB Championship Sydney (Australia) 1999-2 place-57kg,
World Woman BB Championship Brno (Chechec republik) 2002-1stplace-57kg,
World Woman BB Championchip Santa Suzana(Spain) 2003-5place-+57kg,
World Woman BB Championchip Santa Suzana(Spain) 2004-4place+57kg
2005 European Championships, Yalta-Ukraine, 1st place midleweight

European Championship Budapest (Hungary) 2002-2place-57kg,
European Championship Izmyr(Turky)2003-1place -+57kg&Overall
Finalist at Europeans Championship(1996 6place - 25kg), 1998(4place-52kg),1999(6place-57kg),2000(4place-57kg).
The biggest contests for me was world bb championship 1998-1stplace &Gold medal to 52kg, and of course world bb championship 2002-1st place &Gold medall to 57kg, but european championship 2003-1st place at +57kg & Overall too.That results make me feel still very happy, and encourage me for the future.


One typical day of my life is like that: I wake up at 9-am, eat, and go to gym, work out my self and then I asist working out for my pupils. Around 2 p.m. I am back home, eat lunch, sleep 2 hours and then work on some things that is needed to be done in my house. Around 7 p.m. I return to my gym for my second work out. Then I am back home and eat diner, watch tv, talk with my family, my son, and around midnight I go to bed.


I train 6 days a week, each muscle grup for a day, and a lot of cardio. I work heavy just in off season. I train with low weight but high reps when I get ready for a competition. I change something in my training and in my diet when I get ready for a competition, so then I train as I told, with low weight, eat low fat and sugar free, and do much more cardio....also that is my favorite, I mean I love to run. Isn't that strange for a bodybuilder? But that is the true, I really love to run.


My stats are: 160cm height,70kg in off season, 60 kg in competition, my arms measure 40cm, 40cm calves, 62cm quadriceps, 115cm around my back and pecs. I can banch press with 80kg/6 rep, squat with 130kg /6rep, curl with 50kg/8rep. My favorite exercises are squats and leg press, and run:)) and I hate....nothing:))


I think my best body parts are: back, abs, legs.


I think today judging in woman's bodybuilding, are based in symmetry, feminity, good proportion, ripped muscle and last the size.


When I don't work out, I like to travel, to play with my dog, watching movies at cinema, theatre, and much more.


My future plan for next year is to still take another world title of World Champion of Bodybulding, I mean I would like to win at +57 kg, that would make me the first woman bodybuilder who won all 3 weight categories in the history of woman amateur bodybuilding.


Please note:

Irina does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




IRINA's Photo Gallery:


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