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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very attractive & muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder MICHELE BURDICK!

(all pictures are used by Michele's personal permission)



Some Info about MICHELE:


Michele Burdick National Level Bodybuilder


Degrees and Certifications include:
Fitness Specialist 
Bachlor's of Science Buisness Administration
US Army Master Fitness Trainer
Certified Master Personal Trainer
Coopers Institute Physical Fitness Specialist



I grew up in Encino, California. Both of my parents are very athletic. My mother in swimming and tennis, my father an avid hunter and tennis player. Both continue to remain very active in their sports, they are in their sixties. As a child, my sisters and I spent many hours daily in fitness clubs experimenting with choices of activities. I was never one for video games (boring). Equestrian riding, water and snow skiing, paraplaneing/sailing, hunting, skeet and target shooting, tennis, racquetball, swimming, aerobics, running, and weight training are just a few of the sports I enjoy life and love. I esp. enjoyed bodybuilding and was influenced by the power and grace of Arnold Swartz nagger, Rachel McLish and Cory Everson, bodybuilding superstars. I meet Cory at the Warner Center Fitness Club and was awestruck at her beauty, strength, and graciousness. These bodybuilders became my role models. 
I have been employed by Ft. Lewis as a trainer for three years now. I have been in the gyms training for over twenty years, and every day I learn something new. I learn by watching others, sharing with trainers, reading about new advances in sports and fitness training techniques and nutritional information, and especially from clients. I am constantly amazed at the power of the human mind and body in achieving personal goals.


I choose to work on base because Ft Lewis offers our services free of charge. I feel that my services are so important that anyone, regardless of income, needs the information and skills we teach to improve their lifelong health. This gives me the most and widest range of clients and, for purely selfish reasons my own knowledge increases with every client, every session. 
As a Fitness Specialist on Ft. Lewis, my duties include informing as many patrons as possible about proper form, technique, and benefits of exercise. I am available for one-on-one personal training, goal setting and planning, workout plans and design, plateau breaking workout plans, nutritional information, body composition analysis, progression tracking, authoring on health and fitness topics, and group lectures.


I also teach seven group fitness classes each week.
Body Sculpt M/W/F at 1000. Body Sculpting is a sixty-minute full body resistance class, utilizing hand held free weights. It is designed to build lean muscle mass, which increases the body's metabolic rate thereby burning 70% more body fat than cardio exercises alone. 
Super Abs M/W/F at 1100. Super Abs is a concentrated thirty-minute workout targeting all core muscles, strengthening not only abdominal muscles, but also the oblique, lower back and lower abdominal muscles.


Super Soldier PT W at 0630. Also a weighted resistance class, this intense sixty minute class includes strength training, ply metrics, abdominal and push up conditioning and is designed to give soldiers strength and coordination skills to perform better in their soldering duties and on PT tests.


I meet my husband in Fayetteville, NC. Can you guess were we meet? That's right, at the gym! My husband is a racquetball player extraordinaire. He has been ranked top in the nation several years now and plays for All Army Racquetball (Not an All-Army sport this year). As part of courtship we played racquetball, lifted weights, went on twenty-mile runs, played volleyball, and batted baseballs. He needed someone who was as fanatic as himself about staying fit, I needed someone who could keep up with me. We found each other and have been happily together for eight years now.


Although I have been training to stay in shape and sports ready for more than twenty years, I first began training for bodybuilding contests at the dare of McVeigh Sport and Fitness manager, Jim Joseph. He dared me to compete in the Emerald Cup 2001. He hooked me up with trainer Debbie Houck at Shake Contos Powerhouse Gym, Burin. Debbie Houck trained such body building pros as Brenda Raganot and Yolanda Hughes. Under her tutelage, I won the 2001 Emerald Cup Masters Woman, 2001 Ms. Ft. Lewis, 2001 NPC Northern Gold's Classic, and 2001 NPC Northwest Regional which qualified me to enter the NPC Nationals where I placed 11th. Not bad for my first year!


2002 brought me not only a new post record in the Ft. Lewis Power Lifting Competition, but also first and third places at the NPC Jr. Nationals and USA competitions respectively. 
2003 proves to be another "Debbie Houck-ifyed" success, sixth at the NPC USA, then winning Women's Overall at NPC Northern Gold's Classic, Woman's Overall at NPC Northwest Regional, 1st Lightweight at NPC Evergreen State, and Women's Overall at NPC Washington State. 2003 NPC Nationals in Miami, Fl. I placed 7th out of 28. My personal bodybuilding goal is to achieve professional bodybuilding status and compete professionally.


Because all competitors have endured the same long grueling hours of training, dieting, routine preparation, and travel stresses, bonding in positive, supportive friendships with comrades in competition is a given. We assist one another with body paint and oils, make-up and hair, posing suits and pumping up, motivation, generally whatever we need to do to present our best on stage.


I have appeared in the following national and international bodybuilding magazines: FLEX Magazine, Women’s Physique World Magazine, and MUSCLEMAG International, as well as bodybuilding websites such as,,,,,,,, and


Thank you for this opportunity to share a little about myself with you. I hope to see you in the gym soon!


Michele Burdick can be contacted at for more information.



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