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Welcome to the Page of the extremely attractive & very muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder DR. DENA WESTERFIELD!

(all pictures are used by Dena's personal permission)


Some Info about DENA:


Dr. Dena Westerfield, DC
IFBB Professional Body Builder

The first question everyone seems to ask is ‘what got me into bodybuilding’? Well, it starts with a good genetic make-up. I have the build of my father, who was an athlete, and my grandfather on my mom’s side. Both are small, compact, and strong. My grandfather still walks 3 miles 3 times a week at age 85. I have always been an athlete. By the age of 4, I started gymnastics. I started distance running at age 8. I would run 2 miles before school and 5 miles after school. I ran in several distance races always placing first in my age division. Running, softball, cheerleading and much more was how I lived my childhood. Being an active child allowed me to build a tight compact body. It was about my junior year in high school when I realized that if I did sit-ups every day I got ripples in my stomach. My friends even started to notice. During my senior year, I took a weightlifting class in the summer. As usual, I did the most sit-ups per minute. It was great to show of my strength. I remember the guys talking me into squatting 45 lbs. on each side. I did it!!! It was awesome, and I was hooked! At the age of 19, I really started going to the gym. I got a membership and 1 free training session. I would roller blade 3 miles to the gym, work out, and skate home. I was even trying to diet back then; eating bran muffins, salad, and protein shakes. I didn’t know anything about how to diet, but I was trying. Year by year, I learned more. Soon, I was helping others. I became a personal trainer while working on my Bachelors of Science degree at University of South Florida. In addition to my own training, I instructed spinning, kickboxing and, strength and conditioning. Keeping my ultimate goal of Health and Fitness in mind, I became a neuromuscular therapist at the Humanities Center in Pinellas Park Florida. In 2000, I competed in my first show Women’s Tri- Fitness and placed 3rd. In 2001, I competed in the NPC USA Costal as a heavyweight (136 lbs) and won the over-all championship. In 2002, I moved to St. Louis to attend Logan Chiropractic College, My Alma Mater. 2003 was another great year for me; I won the over all championship at the Junior Nationals as a Middleweight (131 lbs). I immediately jumped to the 2003 USA where I placed 7th in the Middleweights. It was time to come back and regroup. I needed to focus on my National Board exams for Chiropractic. I graduated in April 2004 and opened my practice “Westerfield Health Center” four months before the 2004 Nationals. It was difficult opening a new practice and training for the Nationals. I placed 4th in a very tough Light heavy weight class (140lbs). Again, back home to my practice to channel my energy towards patients and making physique improvements. I have a busy practice, and every second of my day is spent healing with my strong hands, mind, and heart. This made training for the 2005 Nationals the most difficult feat yet! I had to go back to my old early morning training routine to ensure a good, focused work out. I work 12-hour days, so getting up very early and expending energy was tough. Staying focused and listening to what my patients were telling me was difficult. I was beginning to question whether or not the energy I put into bodybuilding should be used for my practice and patients. I had a heart to heart with myself during my training. I promised myself it was just a bit longer, and I was going to give it everything, letting the results guide me. If there are 2 things I’m 100% confident in… It’s my dedication and the healing power my hands and heart possess. On November, 21st 2005, I won the Light heavy weight class (131lbs) making me an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder! Winning my Pro card proved to me that I’m on the right track with my life and energy. I now plan to work harder.


2006 was another amazing year for me. I picked my pro debut to be the 2006 Europa Super Show. I placed 2nd in a tough open class. 2nd qualified me for the 2006 Ms. Olympia. There I was my first year as a pro experiencing being a “Rookie” on the Olympia stage. What a great feeling. My goal has always been to just stand on the Olympia stage and I was doing it in my debut year. I have to continue to fill out and put on a bit more size. A lot of what I need comes with age and continued hard training and dieting. I plan to do the same shows in 2007. I have high hopes on qualifying for the Ms. Olympia @ the Europa Super Show, and shoot for a top 10 spot at the Olympia. I do have some professional goals as well. I’m always working at sharpening my skills as a business woman which takes time and the craft of learning from your mistakes. My attitude towards bodybuilding is this… I have a very short time to live the “Rock Star” life style of a professional bodybuilder, but I have forever to be a Chiropractor. I want to take full advantage of the joy bodybuilding brings me because it’s just for the moment. I often struggle with the fact of Who am I? A bodybuilder, a Chiropractor, a mentor, a friend, Dena! Then a close friend said to me “We are 3 people. We are who we are, we are who others think we are, and we are who we really are’. It became so clear after that. I’ve met almost all of my life time goals already. One thing I have left is to play the piano. I gave myself to the age of 45 to get that under my belt. The most important thing I strive for daily is to be a good person, and although I fail everyday, because no one is perfect, I still wake up and try it again. I could not be any happier that I am @ this point in my life. 2007 proved to be an interesting year competitively. I entered the Jan Tana show in June and competed in the pro ranks as a lightweight (under 135) for the first time. I finished second although I felt I was in the best condition in my life. In August I competed in the Europa supershow and finished fourth in the lightweight class. Needless to say I was disappointed that I had not requalified for the Olympia but I will redouble my efforts for 2008 Watch out for Dr. Dena.


I would like to thank you for caring enough to read about who I am, and I appreciate your support. What do I want from Bodybuilding many ask…? I feel I can be one of the people responsible for changing the sport. My feminine physical physique is encouraging to other aspiring athletes. My profession further exclaims my dedication to the sport and others. Bodybuilding gives me respect for working hard from the bottom to the top, and allows me to inspire and motivate others…through bodybuilding I can get the word out on how to increase longevity and vitality of life by being involved in your personal health management. My training goals for my next show are the same as last year… legs, shoulders, and lats. I plan to be even better! I plan to get up to 165-170 off season for 2007. I train 4-5 days/ week usually one body part per session and split work outs (am&pm) on the weekends. A couple of stats.. Biceps 15 3/4 inches, quads 24 inches, chest 41 inches, calf 15 ¾ inches, forearm 12 ¾ inches. Some of my best lifts.. Bench press 315, leg press 1,500, squat 315, curl 165.


A couple last questions to answer: I’m 36 years old born January 26th, 1971. Yes an Aquarius. I’m a native of St.Petersburg Florida. I spent my entire life there until coming to St. Louis for Chiropractic School. Thank you again for your love and support.


Your IFBB Pro,
Dr. Dena Westerfield


Please note:

Dena does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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