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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and beautifully muscled Canadian Figure Competitor EMMANUELA PINTUS!

(all pictures are used by Emmanuela's personal permission)



Some Info about EMMANUELA:


I was born February 5, 1975, in Windsor, Ontario, and lived here all my life.


I started lifting weights when I was 17. I always admired the look of female bodybuilders.


I wanted to be strong and scuplted. I wanted to look like the women in the magazines, mind you, in 9 years ago the professional female bodybuilders were not as big as they are now.


I was invloved in soccer all of my childhood, and went on to track. I ran the 100m dash and the 400m relay.


I was working out for 6 years before I decided to do a competition.


My first competition was the Windsor Bodybuilding Championship, in 1998. I placed 2nd in the lightweight class, weighing in at 108lbs.


The most important to me was the Ontario show, because it qualified me to go further, to the Nationals.


1998 Windsor Bodybuilding Championship 2nd Lightweight 108lbs
2000 Western Ontario Bodybuilding Champioship 1st Lightweight 112lbs
2001 Ontario Bodybuilding Champioship 1st Middleweight 118lbs


I workout 5 days on, one day off.
Day 1: chest and abs
Day 2 : back and calves
Day 3 : legs and abs
Day 4 : shoulders and calves
Day 5 : bi's, tri's and abs


I do 45 -60 min of cardio, twice a day, when training for a competition, but when I am not training I do a half hour a day.


In my opinion my best body part is my legs. My favourite excercise is lunges, I always get a good workout when doing those. My least favourite is chin ups.


I like to read and learn about nutrition and health. When not training for competition, I like to eat peanut butter, I also go crazy for chicken wings. When dieting a eat alot of egg whites and oatmeal.


I'm currently competing in Figure. I competed in the Canadian Nationals in 2004, I placed 4th. I also competed in the North Americans in 2004 in Figure and placed 6th. I plan on competing in the Canadians again this year, on April 23rd.


Please note:

Emmanuela does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




EMMANUELA's Photo Gallery:


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