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Welcome to the Page of the very muscular & great looking NPC National Level Bodybuilder LAUREN POWERS!

(all pictures are used by Lauren's permission)



Some Info about LAUREN:


Born and raised in Southern California. I have always embraced an active lifestyle. Before graduating Valedictorian from Huntington Beach High School, I was on the Pepsi sponsored, pro skateboard tour, Skateboard Mania! I attended the University of Hawaii and graduated with a degree in business. During college, I owned and operated a surfing academy, no small feat on the island of Maui, let me tell you. After graduation I came back to the Southern California coast to grow roots in the beautiful town of Laguna Beach.


I'm not really into sports where winning requires me to be better than someone else . I'm into sports where excelling challenges me to be better than I was before I started. I like skating, surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, snowboarding, wake boarding. Notice a trend ?


In 1994, I decided to join the local Fire Department. After fire had almost wiped out our whole town, I felt compelled to do my part. One hurdle stood in my way, the physical agility test. This is when I started training with weights. My body responded like a fish to water,( I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Mom and Dad for the good genetics....) The more I grew, the better I liked it. The double takes I received from people on the street, only served to fuel the fire. I decided long ago, what other people think about me is none of my business. Needless to say it wasn't long before I passed the test.



5'8"", 175 lbs. off season, 160 lbs. contest, 15" biceps and 15" calves, 23" quads, chest 45 DD, Forearms 12 1/2 "



I use unorthodox, yet state of the art, training principles. I stay lean pretty much year round, usually never more than 15 pounds over contest weight. I train with Gordon Duffy, founder of Functional Fitness and Bodybuilding. I attribute the improvements to my phsique over the past 6 months, to his specialized methods, attention to detail, and unyielding motivation. If your interested in learning more check out the Training link at my site.


Contest History:

I've only recently begun competing. My first show was the NPC 2001 Ironmaiden, I finished 2nd as a novice HW, 4th in the open division. Next was the NPC Orange County Muscle Classic, 1st place HW. At the recent NPC California State Bodybuilding Championships, I placed 1st and took home the overall in the Novice division.

1st Place Heavyweight Division
1st Place Masters Women
Overall Champion Ms. Muscle Beach Classic 2002, Venice Beach Ca

Jan Tana 2002 Amateur Competition 1st Place Heavyweight Division

Emerald Cup 2003 3rd Place Heavyweight Division


I just finished producing  my first series of videos. I will have some clips up shortly.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans and supporters. I am truly grateful for your generosity and encouragment.


LAUREN's Photo Gallery:

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Please also check out Lauren's own website at:



Video clip:


Video clip (20.6 MB)  Video clip (8.8 MB)



LAUREN's Travel Schedule:


Domestic & International Cell
# 949 302-Buff (2833)
for appts. only please.............
[email protected]


June 14 - 17 New York


June 17 - 20 Florida..... Ft. Lauderdale, Miami


June 23 -25 LA Erotica Show


Please only use cell phone for appointment bookings only. Please call hotel international for times and bookings. Enjoy and stay hard.
See you on tour.


Special Requests are welcome


Please email me direct with your requests
[email protected]


I am available for muscle-worship, posing and fantasy wrestling.
Often I travel with a friend. If you're interested, double your pleasure, double your fun. Contact me for details
at [email protected]

Phone: (949) 302-BUFF

(949) 302-2833



Lauren can be contacted by e-mail at

[email protected]


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