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Welcome to Thought Provoking Studios. Our mission is in our name... to provoke a thought.

Thought Provoking Studios produces meaningful and professional looking content for the sophisticated viewer. Our material aims for the mind first, and then the heart... the rest is up to you.

We bring a touch of class and elegance to muscle worship. With a unique and tasteful style to our all-female content, our goal is to tap the most sacred corners of your mind and let words and expressions evoke eroticism rather than graphic close ups.

We celebrate the beauty and grace of the muscular woman, to celebrate their beauty and magnificence. Our emphasis at the moment is producing contrast videos of seduction and eroticism between shapely, voluptuous women paired with muscular ladies. The contrast is unforgettable."


Afterglow - Rene Campbell and Charlie Mancini in this steamy worship video that celebrates the pure essence of sensual muscle worship.

Housekeeping - Ozzie is a housekeeper at a hotel where she accidentally walks into a room where Emery Miller is showering.



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Rene Campbell & Charlie Mancini  Rene Campbell & Charlie Mancini  Rene Campbell & Charlie Mancini  Emery Miller & Ozzie

No Strings Attached  No Strings Attached  No Strings Attached  No ordianry Love ~ Wanda Moore

Love at first Sight ~ Milinda Richardson  Transformed ~ Milinda Richardson  Jungle Fever ~ Wanda Moore  The Statue


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