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Welcome to the Page of the extremely beautiful, very muscular and strong IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and former Powerlifter BONNY PRIEST!

(all pictures are used by Bonny's  permission)



Something about BONNY:


Past Competitions
May 1997 -- NPC Heart of Texas -- 1st Novice Heavyweight & Overall
May 1998 -- WABDL -- World Record Bench Press -- 303lbs. in the 165lb. weight class
August 1998 -- NPC TX St. Championships -- 1st Open Hvywt. & Overall (qualified for nationals)
June 1999 -- NPC Jr. Nationals -- 3rd Heavyweight
June 2000 -- USPF -- World Record Bench Press -- 352lbs. in the 181lb. weight class, TX state record in the Deadlift -- 501lbs., & TX state Total record for the 3 lifts of 1306lbs.
2001 -- Took off to open our health club in San Angelo. I lost my national qualification in bodybuilding that year because I didn't compete in 2000 either.
May 2002 -- NPC Southwest USA -- 1st Open Hvywt. & overall (re-qualified for nationals)
November 2002 -- NPC Nationals -- 7th Heavyweight
July 2003 -- USA -- 1st Heavyweight & Overall (received my pro card!!!)
March 2004 -- Ms. International -- 7th Heavyweight (pro debut)
August 2004 -- Southwest Pro Cup -- 1st Hvywt. & overall (qualified for Ms. Olympia)
October 2004 -- Ms. Olympia -- 7th Heavyweight
September 2005 -- 1st Heavyweight & overall (re-qualified for Ms. Olympia)
October 2005 -- Ms. Olympia 6th


Future Competitions
October 2005 -- Ms. Olympia -- keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers!!!
Depending on the outcome of this show will determine what shows will come next.
Possibilities can include:
2006 Ms. International, 2006 Europa Super Show, 2006 Ms. Olympia (if I can re-qualify for it), or if I place high enough at the 2005 Ms. Olympia to automatically qualify for next year's Ms. O, I may only compete in the 2006 Ms. Olympia. For now, everything is up in the air. If things are going awesome, I may do them all...we'll just wait and see!!!


A Few Measurements
Right now...just two weeks out from the 2005 Ms. Olympia and with a small pump during an arm workout, my biceps measured 16 1/4", & my legs are 24" super lean with no pump. I know the judges don't care what your arm measures (thank goodness). It's what the overall package looks like on stage that truly matters. I will be working hard to improve on little bits of everything as soon as I come back from the Ms. O.


Eye Color
Greenish/Grayish/Bluish (oh, who the heck even knows - it's a little strange)


Training Schedule
For many years, we've done things a little differently...using major mass movements to build strong dense muscle tissue, but now we're trying to refine and shape that into something much more. Here's hoping that it all comes together on stage!!!


Off-season Training
Monday - Shoulders & Calves
Tuesday -- Legs
Wednesday -- Chest
Thursday -- Back & Abs
Friday -- Arms & Calves
Saturday & Sunday -- OFF


Pre-Contest Training
Monday -- Shoulders
Tuesday -- Quads
Wednesday -- Hamstrings & Calves 
Thursday -- Back & Abs
Friday -- Chest & Shoulders (just a little)
Saturday -- Arms
Sunday -- Calves & Abs


Currently, we are helping others prepare for competitions (figure & bodybuilding) as well as running our club, training clients, not to mention getting ready for shows myself. Our work day starts at 8:00am, usually getting home around 7:00pm. The days are long, the work is hard, but what we get out of helping others makes the long hours worth it. Helping people feel better about themselves and making a difference in their lives makes our life pretty fulfilling in itself. God has brought my husband and I wonderful & amazingly supportive friends, a great business, good family, & a great marriage. We're one big happy team!!!


When I was a child (about 4th grade) my mother would buy me the muscle mags each month. I would read them cover to cover, over and over, until they were falling apart. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I'd be where I am today. I'm doing something that I love and had always dreamed of. For those of you who have that same dream...please don't ever give up. Work hard, dedicate yourself to that dream, and push hard toward your goal. Never let anyone put out your fire!!!


I absolutely DO NOT do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't even ask!!! No response will be given to those kinds of inquiries.
As for those of you with legitimate questions about bodybuilding, etc., you will always be welcome to contact me.




BONNY's Photo Gallery:


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