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Welcome to the Page of the beautiful, very attractive & muscular Canadian National Level Bodybuilder ROBIN HILLIS!

(all pictures are used by Robin's personal permission)



Some Info about ROBIN:


Hi, my name is Robin Hillis and I am 33 years old, born June 28, 1971. I was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, where I currently reside. I have no ambition right now to move elsewhere. I like it in Cambridge and always have. I am a Correctional Officer with the Ministry of Corrections and work at Maplehurst Correctional Complex in Milton, Ontario.


I have always been athletic and involved in some type of physical activity. I grew up playing baseball and through Jr. High and High school was involved in track and field, basketball and volleyball. I also play the piano and went to grade 8 through the Royal Conservatory. I still try to sit and play everyday. I love it!


In my last year of high school, I was doing a project on female athletes when I came across an article and pictures of Cory Everson. I was hooked. I loved her muscular look and knew I could achieve that.


I joined a gym that year started training. I knew right away I wanted to compete. I started noticing changes in my physique within weeks and was impressed with how easy it came to me. Especially being a taller girl. I started to fill out right away in all the right places.


Approximately a year and a half later, I was on stage at my 1st competition in Hamilton in 1993. It was called The McKenzie Challenge and I placed 2nd.


My plan was to continue to compete, but I met my husband and started a family. I had some difficulties with my pregnancies and had to put my training on hold for awhile. I still stayed active with roller blading, running, taebo, etc. I knew I would end up back on stage – it’s addicting!


So here I am today with 2 beautiful girls, a terrific boyfriend who supports me 100%, and encourages me to be the best I can be and I’m on my way to Montreal for September 3rd to compete at the Nationals!


Here’s a list of my competitions and placings:
1993 McKenzie Challenge Level 1 – 2nd place
2002 Musclemania – no placing
2003 Mississauga Show – Level 1 – 3rd place
2004 Northern Ontario Level 2 – 1st place heavyweight and overall
2004 Ontario’s Level 3 – 1st place heavyweight


Hopefully I can add 2005 Canadian Heavyweight 1st place!! I really would like to earn my pro card this year. Of course, it will be the judges decision, but I will show up the biggest and hardest yet!


Right now, the dieting is tough. But I just do it. You tend to become a bit of a robot in terms of schedule. Here’s what my days look like right now:
0600 1 hr cardio
0730 Meal 1
0800 wake girls up
0830 take girls to school
0900 weight train
1100 Meal 2
1500 Meal 3
1520 pick up girls from school
1800 girls to soccer
1900 Meal 4
2030 girls bathed and to bed
2100 1 hr. cardio
2230 Meal 5
2300 Bed


This is an average day when I am not working. When I work, I train after the girls are in bed usually at 2100 hrs. I train everyday but Wednesdays and Sundays and currently train 1 body part per day. I do a lot of sets and reps. During the off season, I train very heavy and usually 2 days on and 1 day off with little cardio – I HATE CARDIO…ha ha.


I love bench press, chins, leg press. Pretty much anything that requires a lot of strength!


My current best lifts are:
Bench – 265 lbs for reps (8 reps)
Chins – 20 wide grip 
Leg press – 860 lbs 8 reps
Seated Row – 250 lbs 6 reps
Dumbell rows – 100 lbs dumbbells (1 arm)


I hate squats. They make my waist wide and my butt big. So I stay away from squatting with a free bar. I’ll do hack squats and smith machine front squats.


I don’t really know what my best body part would be. I think my strength is I’m balanced. When you look at my on stage, I don’t really have anything that lags….maybe my quads could have a bit more sweep. I have great shoulders and my legs get ripped on stage! Weaknesses are probably my glutes. They are always the last to get tight. But this year, I’m focusing more on detail and I am harder and leaner than last year at this time out!


So I am giving 120% knowing that someone out there is training just as hard and is just as hungry. In the end, the judges make the call. Which makes the sport more interesting for sure. Judging in any sport is not always clear cut as in a timed event. You have people’s opinions that decide who will win and place and who won’t. I just wish they would decide once and for all, the criteria and stick with it. Changing year to year is hard as an athlete. To me, bodybuilding is bodybuilding. Male or female. It should be the same. The complete package should win.


Well now that you know a bit more about me – look for me in 2005/2006 because I WILL earn my pro card and you will be seeing me around for sure! I love the sport and always will!


Thank you!


Please note:

Robin does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




ROBIN's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-6 are courtesy of Robin

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