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Welcome to the Profile Page of the great looking and very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder TRUDY IRELAND!

(all pictures are used by Trudy's permission)



Some Info about TRUDY:


My name this Trudy Ireland. I was born in Abilene, Texas February 20, 1957. Yes, that makes me 61 years old, and proud to say I am still strong, muscular and maintaining a lean and conditioned physique. At 61, I can say I am old enough to know better, young enough not to care what others think, and experienced enough to do it right. I have always considered myself a lifestyle bodybuilder, so for those who think I retired......not true. I have been training, in the gym for 36 years, it gets more challenging every year, but, I am up to the challenge.

I began training in 1982 while rehabilitating my left knee after a bilateral tibia plateau fracture. Since then I have had eleven knee surgeries and finally, after years of much pain, a total knee replacement in 2008. I entered my first show 6 months after beginning to train. I only weighed 102! I won the Lightweight class at the Tulsa BB Championship in 1983, plus Best Poser. At that time I was very shy and lacking confidence, I said if I can walk on stage in a bikini, I can do anything, it changed everything, I became courageous, outgoing, curious and ready for any adventure, I am so thankful I found the gym. I was hooked on training and on competing. I continued competing, only taking a little time off when I had both of my sons, Casey in 1986 and Colin in 1988. I competed in my first national show at the 1990 NPC Junior Nationals in New Orleans where I placed sixth. I was at the point where family obligations and raising a family, getting ahead financially, were my priorities, competing was no longer possible.

I continued training but working full time for the US Post Office and raising a family didn't leave much time for contest preparation. I decided to do one last show, boy howdy was I ever wrong-I was hooked again, in 1998 I competed in the NPC Oklahoma, I won the Masters, the Lightweight and the Overall. My claim to fame at that time was I won the 1985 NPC Oklahoma Lightweight Oklahoma, and came back to win the it again 13 years later after having two children!! So much for being the last! Since then I have done several local shows and a couple of national level shows. I won the 2007 NPC Masters Nationals over 50 Heavyweight and Overall, which was such a thrill!!!! I have not competed since 2008. I have been hard at it all this time. The gym, training, achieving my goals and staying in awesome shape is simply my everything, my oxygen, I hope to continue my entire life.

It was my plan to compete in the NPC Masters Nationals 60 and over but unfortunately I had two back to back rotator cuff repairs. It was tough, I can tell you that, the pain, the rehab, the hard work to get my shoulder to just be a normal person shoulder. But, I am proud to say, I am back, maybe not good as new, but pretty darn good and I am proud and grateful. I hope to compete again. I missed the bodybuilding scene and happy to be active again. I want to inspire others that age is no barrier to strength and fitness. I’m not absolutely sure with this new journey is leading me but I have started an Instagram account and I would love for you to follow my journey. It will be filled with images from the past and current images and videos of me in the gym. I really appreciate all the support I have always received from the fans of female muscle, of all shapes and sizes, you rock my world! Thank you so much! xoxo Trudy




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