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Welcome to the page of the extremely beautiful and very muscular Canadian IFBB Pro Bodybuilder SOPHIE DUQUETTE!

(all pictures are used by Sophie's personal permission)



Some Info about SOPHIE:


Where and when have you been born?

Sherbrooke City in Quebec.


When was the very first time that you have walked into a gym? And what were your original intensions?

My first time was when I was 17 years old, and my intention was to compete.


Did you want to be a professional Bodybuilder right from the beginning?



Did you do any other sports before, and if so please let me know which ones?

Yes, I danced, played touch football and lots of jogging.


When did you decide that you want to become a bodybuilder and who inspired you?

From the beginning, and Lenda Murray inspired me.


If you don’t mind, would you tell me something about your daily training (how many hours do you spend in the gym each day, and what kind of daily routine do you practice)?

Off Season I work out 1 ˝ hours and for competition I do split training. 1 ˝ hours in the morning and 1 hour at night.


Beside the diet, what are the main differences between the contest preparation and off season. What do you change in the gym?

From one competition to the another it is very different, because my metabolism does not always react the same way. One competition I might be on mass training and another on high reps.


We often get asked about max. lifts. Sure, bodybuilding is not powerlifting, but if you don’t mind would you please tell me some of your best lifts?

221 pounds on Bench Press for 6 reps and 311 pounds on Squats for 6 reps.


Now let’s talk about your competition history. Which contest was your first one ever, and how did you place?


My first competition was the Miss Sherbrooke 1989. I placed 2nd. And my first Pro competition was the Jan Tana Classic 2001, 2nd place.


When did you get your pro card?

Miss Canada 1999, first place middleweight and overall.


If possible, could you please add a contest history of the recent contest that you have entered?

Recent Contests
Jan Tana August 2001
Ms. International Febuary 2002
South West Cup Texas May 2002
Jan Tana 2002

Ms. Olympia 2002


Which one has been the most important contest for you yet? And which one was the biggest success for you until now?

For me all pro competitions are very important, and my biggest success was at the Jan Tana 2001 finishing 2nd.


What else are you doing when you don’t train (your profession, hobbies, etc)?

Besides training I work full time for my company called Homeogenik. This company sells homeopathic athletic products.

My hobbies are: all kind of activities with children, jogging with my dog, and dancing.


Shophie’s Stats:

Born: 01 15 1972

Birthplace: Sherbrooke Quebec

Home: Mascouche Quebec

Height: 5'3"

Weight – contest: 136 lb.

Off season: 152 lb.

Waist: 25 in.

Thigh: 23 3/4 in.

Calf: 16 in.

Shoulders: 41 in.

Chest:41 in.

Arms: 16˝"

Fore arm: 12

Shoe size: 7


I am available for:

TV shows



Guest posing


She as done:

Hostess for Kenny Kassel and modeling

Photo session with Steve Wennerstrom “Flex Magazine”

Photo session with Terry Goodland “Bodysport”

Video shoot with James Cook “FTVideo”


Please note:

Sophie is not available for any kind of sessions!


SOPHIE's Photo Gallery:

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© Photos 1-7 are courtesy of George Legeros

© Photo 8 is courtesy of Steve Wennerstrom



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