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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very beautiful and great muscled NPC National Level Bodybuilder SHELLY FIELDS!

(all pictures are used by Shelly's personal permission)



Some Info about SHELLY:



DOB 11/24


My name is Shelly Fields, I was born in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago currently I am residing in Northern California with my son Travis. I have been competing for 10 years the past two I tried the figure competitions but found on November 3rd that bodybuilding is where my heart is doesn't matter about the placing it's the love I have for what I do and giving glory to the Lord almighty Jesus Christ.


I am a homebody for the most part I eat sleep and breathe bodybuilding, I like going on walks, swimming, hiking or just spending time with my family sitting at home in front of the TV watching my favorite channel Lifetime Movie Channel.


I have always like the mucsle look on women, I grew up around it watching my next door neighbor and her brother who at that time were competitive bodybuilders get ready for the contests, I was very amazed at their off-season look and then the amazing scuplting of their physiques for contests. When I moved here to California 11 years ago from New York I started working out right after I had my son, I joined a gym Gold's where I met a lot of people who were competitive bodybuilders both Male and female and just admiring their physiques I told myself this something I really would like to do, so I got some help as far as training and dieting from one of the co-owners and I have not stopped since this was six years ago. I did my first show which was the Contra Costa as a heavyweight and placed 4th and as they say you do it once you get hooked and I have just kept competing since.


I have two good sucessful shows I won the Sacremento in 2000 and the Contra Costa heavyweight 2003 , in 2000 I look at the pictures from then and now and I say to myself how in the world did I won that whole show lol. A typical day for me starts at 6:00 am with 30 mins of cardio still on an empty stomach, have breakfast take my son to school, come back home get ready for work, go to gym 6:30 pm train and the another 30 mins session of cardio, I have started in-corporating this routine this off-season in order to keep my body-fat to a minimal I want to put quality mass on.


My training routine consists of
Monday - chest & shoulders, calves and abs
Tuesday - quads & hamstrings
Wed- back & Abs
Thurs - arms & calves
Fri- quads & hamstrings & abs


This off- season we have changed things around abit after that distrastous outcome at the Cal.


My training stays the same year round ie: I train each bodypart light and heavy the only thing that changes pre-contest is the diet and the cardio sessions. I train five days a week with the weekends off for my family. My best exercise is back which is a very strong part on me, my worst I would say is arms it is very stickling bodypart for me getting those (peaks). My feelings on the judging of female bodybuilding I could go on and on and on about that one, but I will keep it short and I not sure how sweet it will be, I strongly feel women should look like women, don't misunderstand me I love muscles on women I think it is extremely sexy, I also think women should be judged on their symetry (that' is biggy with me V taper is very important, skin tone, hair and make-up and I guess this all comes from me being the beauty industry) and of course muscle maturity, but they way we are being judged it is really to know which way to go and I will be honest it very frustrating. That's one of the reason's I have always liked Lenda Murray's physique she has great symetry and dramatic lines to her body.


Shelly Maria Fields
Born: November 24th 1965
Place: Trindad & Tobago
Height: 5' 8 3/4"
Weight Contest: 165 lbs - Off-season: 180 lbs
Bests Lifts: Squats 405 lbs 4 reps (deep)
Dumbell Curls: 60Lbs
Barbell Curls: 135 lbs (6 reps)
Arms: 16 3/4
chest: 44"
waist: 29"
Thighs: 27"


Contest History:


1997 Contra Costa - 4th Heavyweight
1998 Contra Costa - 5th Heavyweight
1999 Sacremento - 2nd Heavyweight
2000 Sacremento - 1st Heavyweght & Overall Champion
2002 Contra Costa - 3rd Heavyweight
2002 Cal State - 3rd Heavyweight
2003 Contra Costa - 1st Heavyweight
2003 Cal State - 3rd Heavyweight

2005 San Francisco Bodybuilding & Figure 1st place Tall Class
2005 Sacramento Bodybuilding & Figure 2nd place Tall Class

1st Hvy and Overall 2007 Sacramento Bodybuilding and Fitness & Figure Show.
10th place at Nationals in Dallas Texas 2007


I am focusing on 2004 NPC USA Las Vegas in July and from there depending on how I feel and the outcome of the show I will shoot for the Nationals in November 2004. My goal is everytime I step on stage I look better and better everytime.


E-Mail Address: [email protected]


To all my comarades in bbding sport I am still a hugh fan and I wish you all great success with your future endeavours.


My goals for 2008 will be to compete in Nationals again in Atlanta Georgia, and work on opening my own Personal Training facility along with my Salon & Spa.




Shelly does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




SHELLY's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 6-8 are courtesy of Roland Balik for IronManMagazine



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