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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and pretty muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder LEANN GEORGE!

(all pictures are used by Leann's permission)



Some Info about LEANN:


I am FROM Washington State, Puyallup. I was born in Tacoma and have been here all my life with no real desire to go anywhere else. I enjoy all the seasons here. Don’t get me wrong at least once a year I like to go somewhere sunny. Usually Florida or Hawaii J

I am now an administrative assistant to a financial advisor. Before that I was a personal trainer for about 8 years. As much as I love being in the gym once I started competing I really wanted to focus on myself more. I enjoyed helping people change their lives but I found most people were full of excuses and or were just looking for a magic pill. I really built some good relationships but my heart was changing. I was offered an opportunity to learn a new career. I am extremely lucky my boss is one of my biggest supporters. I know I don’t have to tell anyone who competes how great that is. I am very grateful.

I did some sports growing up. Softball, basketball, gymnastics, soccer. Nothing too significant. In my early 20s I dated a guy who spent a lot of time in themirror admiring himself. I never go it but he was really into bodybuilding. So my curiosity got the best of me so I joined a gym. I began in the nautilus area of the gym. Given a program by a trainer there began swimming and doing cardio. I cannot tell you how many girlfriends I went through. The eating and the daily training seem to have come so easy to me. It felt like this was where I was supposed to be. I would stand outside the freeweight room watching these guys train, intimidated…yes but even more curious. These 3 guys who were there everyday invited me to come in and train with them…. I did and it was AWESOME!!!!! I finally started seeing even more results and now the boyfriend in the mirror didn’t seem so odd to me. I got it. I was very consistent with my workouts ate right Mon-Fri and trained mon-fri. On the weekends I would eat wrong and party. (I was young I could do that). For many many years competing wasn’t my goal I just loved everything about training and eating right. After a bout a year of my life I decided I would party instead of train. Ugh!! Didn’t feel good so I started back up but this time with a trainer. So that was about 8-9years ago. Then I started to get the desire to compete but he was too busy to train a competitor. We became workout partners and the ethic I learned from him I was able to take with me in my future. Finally about 2 years later I found someone who was willing to train me for my first show. What an EXPERIENCE that was. It wasn’t all good, but it didn’t matter I wanted more. I continued to compete and go through different trainers. They all brought their own spin to my training and I appreciate every single one of them. Then for about another year I continued to compete but without a trainer. All I did was overtrained and wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. The end of 2005 is where my life really began as far as competing was concerned. I was blessed and introduced to “Gerri Deach”. The beginning of 2006 she and I connected and I began training with her.  This journey with Gerri has brought me to a whole new level. My body has changed significantly, to photoshoots and this year to do my first national level show was awesome. I placed 9th of out 10 and it was awesome. I truly never even thought I would be on a national stage.

My competition history:
2007 Teen,Collegiate and Masters Nationals-9th MW
2007 Oregon State, Oregon-2nd MW
2007 Emerald Cup,Washingtion-2nd MW
2006 Northern Classic,Washingtion-1st MW, Overall
2006 Oregon State, Oregon –3rd place MW
2005 Northwest Championships,Washington- 2nd place Masters
2004 Washington State Championship,Washington -2nd place LW
2003 Washington State Championship, Washington -1st place MW, Best Poser
2002 Oregon State, Oregon- 1st place novice HW
2001 NPC Bill Pearl Championships,Oregon –4th place novice HW
2001 Northern Gold’s Classic,Washington- 2nd place novice HW

The show that was the most significant for me was winning the Overall at the Northern ‘Classic in 2006. The very first show I did was the Northern Gold Classic in 2001. From how much I have changed, to who I had “in my corner” it was the best feeling ever. The whole journey to step back on that stage was so sweet to me. Winning a BATTLE-AXE was awesome too I had wanted one so bad.
I think for me the absolute worst excersise is the side raises. OWIE they burn so bad. My worst body part to train is my calves. What is great for me is to train those 2 body parts together then I am done with the worst….. My favorite excersise, hmmm. I love doing chest press dumbells or barbell. My favorite bodypart to train is legs. That workout is so intense it takes 2 days to get my head right and ready. I always do legs on Monday after the weekend because I am fully rested and it everything is CAKE from there.

I really don’t know what my best bodypart is I am pretty critical of Leann. Not in an insecure way but always wanting to improve. I also believe that everyone like different parts of my body. I do get a lot of comments on my backside,HAHA!!!

What I like the most about competing is that you really face different challenges with each show. I love each journey to the end I love having a focus and a goal. I’m a goal-oriented person. I love to have a schedule. Without one I feel a bit lost.

OOOH a typical day in my life, are you ready????? I get up at 2:30 am get dressed and either I get on my treadmill or I drive about 30 minutes to this hill in the north part of Tacoma. I do my hour of cardio. Shower and at the gym by 5am for my weight training. Home by 6:30 am and posing (2months out). Shower, cook meals for the day. Off to work and work form 8-4. On my way home (2months out) I stop by another gym and do stairs 40-60min. Go home more posing, food prep, tan. Then its time to do some household chores. Then I eat around 7:30 and off to bed. On the weekends I sleep in ‘til about 3:30-4am and its all pretty much the same except no work.

When I’m not working out I like to do a whole lot of nothing. I love riding Harley. I am licensed so someday I would love to have my own Harley. I enjoy relaxing and watching The Food Network. I don’t party at all about 2 times a year I don’t mind having a drink. I would much rather eat all extra calories.

My favorite part of this lifestyle is structure…. There is always a goal to reach. I am now at the point that I am starting to meet some really great people who are passionate about the same thing as I am.

Its really hard to think about something interesting about me that would shock people. I think I am an outgoing person I love to laugh and talk to strangers. I believe if you get to know me you learn that nothing better surprise you.

My competition goals are to be better than the previous competition. Don’t get me wrong I want to win, Its so important to have fun and just be the best you can be. I love doing photoshoots that is something I would like to do more of.


Please note:

Leann does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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