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Welcome to the Page of the German Muscle Phenomen, Bodybuilder CHRISTA BAUCH!

(all pictures are used by Christa's personal permission)



Some Info about CHRISTA:


I was born in Bad Schandau, formerly East Germany, December 19th 1947. I enjoyed music, riding and athletics (sprinting) at school, before training as a masseuse. At age 27 I left East Germany to settle in the West - not over the wall, but legally, having married a West German citizen. My three kids gave me plenty to do, but I felt unfulfilled. I took up rifle shooting for a couple of years - with reasonable success - before finding the answer in bodybuilding.

I'd always had a complex about my figure. I really wanted to look like a contemporary woman, with long slender legs and a big bust. It was impossible for genetic reasons. Through bodybuilding I have been able to get away from that by making the most of the physical structure I was born with. My self-confidence has increased enormously and I like the way I look now.

In 1993 I got to know Robin Parker in New York when we did Laurie Fierstein's show "Celebration of the Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World". I was very impressed with her personality, her physique and her way of life. She taught me how to wrestle and find out that I'm a good arm wrestler. I always had fun working for her - for "Physical Culture".

In the past my goal was to compete in the "Ms. Olympia". I competed in the "Ms. O." in 1993 and 1994. Now I don't have a special focus. I will keep training my muscles always to stay strong and in good shape, because I like that and a lot of people like big muscles, too. Perhaps one day I'll come back on stage.... who knows?

# 1987 German Championship 2nd
# 1987 Europa-Championship (NABBA) 2nd
# 1987 World Championship (NABBA) 2nd
# 1988 Europa-Championship (WABBA) 1st
# 1989 German Championship (IFBB) 2nd
# 1989 World Games (IFBB) 1st (Pro-qualifier)
# 1990 Ms. International 4th
# 1991 Grand Prix of Italy 4th
# 1992 Jan Tana 12th
# 1993 Jan Tana 7th
# 1993 Ms. Olympia Contestant
# 1994 Canada Cup 2nd
# 1994 Ms. Olympia 12th
# 1995 Jan Tana 5th

What I'm doing for living . I'm a certificated masseuse and I do pedicure ( medical : I take corns off and ingrown nails ect.)

My future goals now are to stay in a good condition , healthy and happy . That's why I will never stop to train and I will watch what I eat - without special diet planns ! Bodybuilding always will be a part of my life . The other parts are equal important ; never stop working on your personality . Keep your eyes and mind open , don't waste your time judging other people , treat everyone like you want to get treated . I think this way you really can enjoy your life.




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