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Welcome to the Profile Page of the incredible beautiful, very strong and muscular Bodybuilder & Strongwoman HEATHER PARSONS (formerly PEDIGO)!

(all pictures are used by Heather's personal permission)



Some Info about HEATHER:


How did you get involved in Bodybuilding and Strongwoman contest?
I got involved in lifting and bodybuilding contest in 2000. I wasted 5 years before that just "toning" and teaching aerobic classes before I realized I had good enough genetics and the work ethic required to be successful at competing. Then came World's Strongest Woman. I saw it on ESPN once and thought to myself "I have to do that!". The training didn't happen right away, a few years later we I trained in a gym that had some equipment I could practice the events with such as, the tire flip my favorite! The Farmer's Carry (I practice carrying 120 lb cylinders in each hand). The Hammer Hold (15lb sledge hammers held at shoulder height in each hand for time) A Log lift (clean and press 120 lb log), Truck Pulls, and a Medly of the above.

Did you always like muscle on women?
I can't say I have ALWAYS loved muscle on women until I saw my first picture of Cory Everson, but my first trip to the Arnold Classic Expo (about 10 years ago) really sealed the deal!! Seeing Monica Brant, Kim Chizevski (spelling here), Viki Pratt and Cory Everson IN PERSON!!!!set my wheels in motion--literally--if their butts an legs could look like that, surely I was going to try to get mine the same way!

How and when did you start lifting weigts?
I started "toning" right out of high school, when I got a job at a local gym. Teaching aerobics lifting the 5 and 8 lb weights, thinking I was really doing something LOL!!.

Was there anyone who inspired you?
My mom has been a wonderful inspiration. She has lost 110 lb and kept it off for 12 years. To see her now "lean and mean" almost brings a tear to my eye. She now has an awesome body and lifestyle. Just a tiny bit of loose skin is the only thing keeping her from a BB stage.

When did you decide to start competing, what was your first show and placing?
I decided to start competing in 2000, wehen my training partner was getting ready for the 2000 NPC thoughts were.......If She could do it and WIN (she won the overall that year), you could definetly count me in for the next one! So my first contest was the 2001 Ms. Indiana, I won the Heavyweight class.

How does competing in Bodybuilding compare to pageants?
Competing in BB differs from pageants in some ways, but they are similar at the same time. Diet and training are required to do well in both, just more intense for BB. Poise and presentation of your body are also required for both. The best difference being, I don't have to walk in high heels for BB (being 6 feet tall, I look like an amazon in heels lol)

Has competing as a Bodybuilder changed the way you look at beauty pageants? Do you feel beauty pageants helped prepare you for being onstage in Bodybuilding shows?
Competing in BB hasn't chenged the way I look at pageants, I have a high respect for anyone who competes on ANY stage in a bathing suit!! I do belive my time on stage during pageants and the appearances required with winning them helped me feel very comfortable on stage in BB. Plus--as my whole familiy will tell you, I am a ham!!Bring on the camera!

What do you like most about Bodybuilding, what do you dislike about it?
I love being able to move heavy weights. I love structure and discipline. I love the comradery in the gym. Then only thing I can say I dislike about BB is the way I feel AFTER a a contest, when my body is acutally going back to "NORMAL" size and bodyfat, mentally it is very hard on me to go from contest shape to normal shape..

What is a typical workout week like?
I lift with my husband Pat, we lift 4 days per week and lift mostly heavy all the time, when contest season comes up, the last few weeks sometimes change, but it would look something like this

every other week we alternate one week is squats and lunges the next week will be hack squats and presses about 5 sets each followed up by curls or stiff deadlifts and calves

every other week we alternate with flat and incline work
flat bench and flat flyes, machine press or cable crossovers
presses db or barbell
clean and press or log lift
bent over laterals or reverse pec deck
front raises

wednesday -- off

thursday--back and traps
pull ups as many as possible
pull downs 3 sets
always deadlifts...heavy
some kind of row (machine, cable or dumbbell)
reverse grip pull downs
shrugs either barbell or DB

standing db curls
barbell or ez bar curls
cable curls
concentration curls

What are your plans for the future?
I am taking 2008 off from competing and I am undecided on what show I will do in '09.

What is your contest history?
Nationally I have competed 3 times
2005 Jr. USA in Charleston SC 4th place
2006 Jr. Nationals in Chicago IL 2nd place
2007 IFBB North American in Cleveland OH 4th place

What do you do for a living?
I am a Personal Trainer


Please note:

Heather does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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