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Welcome to the Page of the pretty muscular and beautiful former NPC National Level Bodybuilder, now Figure Competitor YOLANDA MARTINEZ!

(all pictures are used by Yolanda's personal permission)



Some Info about YOLANDA:


Hi im Yolie I was born in Los Angeles California 12-19-1964Here is a little info on myself. I hope it does not bore you.


As a kid I played played volleyball and was on an outside league for a swim team and was also Junior Lifeguard. In the summer through teen years.


At age 16 I had first experience with weight training actually I followed my sister around . She was on in the track team and also a marathon runner. Part of here routine was weight training so I tagged along.


I trained at the school gym , while she ran and I guess I never came out I got hooked and never let it go . the first gym I joined at 16 I had to take 60 min bus ride at 5am to Venice then luckily I had summer job. In that area At age 17 my senior in high school I entered my first show in spring it was so much fun, I got 2nd in novice. At my first show 1983 called The Amateur Grand Prix held at Glendale High School.


The goal to compete was never there but as I saw my body changed I began looking more at Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Iron man at that time. And saw Rachel McLeish Cory Everson, and was so impressed by their physiques I read more, learned more about bodybuilding and decided to give it a shot, now 20plus years later in still at it and love it. It my life style and it will always be my love.


I have entered so many show since 1983 to present and can’t remember them all must be my old age now. . In 1986,87,88,91 I won the north and south 1988 Southern California 1986,87,88,91 the Mr. and Mrs. Baker fields all these were ABA contest through Danny Kakos Production in 2001 I won the Ms.Hollywood, Ms California Mrs. Universe at then went to Hawaii and did the Natural Olympia and got the silver medal then came back to Las Vegas and won muscle mania as a heavy weight which to me was all fun competing for this organization at the same time I was also competing for NPC I use to compete over ˝ dozen shows a years for me it was fun it is not always about winning it was enjoy myself and entertaining the audience as well.


I have competed at many show winning masters or middleweight class 1997 Tournament of Championship overall I have won Ms Los Angeles as a middle weight and heavy weight my individual class, as well Lonnie taper Collegiate show overall, then was flown to Pittsburgh to do National Colligate and Masters and won the overall, then Venice muscle beach show, winning overall. I have the pleasure to compete at the NPC USA in the past 5plus and have been placing top 15 which to me is great, as a Npc athlete the girls look awesome , for me just t to be onstage with this high caliber class of women is great, and I enjoy the sport.


A typical day l I wake up at 345 makes some coffee- or tea start my training at 4:30 am to 6:30 am I do a combination of intense cardio training weight training and circuit training exercise ending with stretching and sit ups. Go home get ready for work from 9am to 6pm. Sometimes afterwards I head down to the gym for my second cardio work out depends were I am for getting ready for shows. I train 4-5 days per week cardio as well. When it is competitions time I train 5- 6 times a week, as well as cardio,12 weeks out I increase my cardio and 3 days out of 6 I do double cardio. As show becomes closer cardio 2 times per day 4 days a week Some times I divide my body parts as well 2 times per day As the show gets 6-8 weeks out I start on high intense weight trading/cardio.


Difference in training on season and off-season is the higher intensity and more focused.


I think my legs might be my best part. My calves are the worst hmm I guess some day I should train them hau?


I use to love doing squats but since I a back injury I usually don’t squat any longer so I changed my work out for compensation of my back.


When it comes to judging it is hard to say everyone is different and I feel the full package is important symmetry balance every women has a dif structure and muscularity so it is hard for me personally I like the sexy look yet like muscle that’s elegant for me personally in the last 20 plus years of competing I like how my physique has changed I know that I may never be on the top with best but for me I have conquered my own dreams on how I want to look and feel sexy .yet I can show it my way and how I carry my muscle on stage maybe not ripped and huge but that’s okay more power to every other women that do. because that’s what we are, we are elites athletes bodybuilder/fitness women and we are all sexy and it took a lot of years and discipline to make these body look the way they do and to keep it that way and it always a honor to be near or compete with some one that s so advance in there status of appearance. Now that I am m in my forties I have change a little my physique I crossed over to figure, and let me tell you it was hard and still is , as we know through many years of training your muscle develop maturity and density and I do have and it is hard to get rid of or should I say down size to lean muscle mass. Downsizing has been hard but it is a challenge and I like challenges . If there is something I can say for the new comers is enjoy the sport it is about having fun when you don’t it is timer to leave the sport it take a lot of training and being discipline in more ways then one but always have a spiritual focus and it will push you through never say you cant just do it .. good luck to you and your goals


Yolanda Martinez


Please note:

Yolanda does not not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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