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Welcome to the Page of the very pretty and beautifully muscled NPC Bodybuilder LILLI EWING!

(all pictures are used by Lilli's permission)



Some Info about LILLI:


I am in training right now. Dave Palumbo is my helping me with my training and diet although he's in NY and I'm in Edmonds. Now that my kids are old enough, one in preschool, one in second grade and my eldest a senior in college, I'm able to get to the gym. Once I got started, that fire got lit again. So, I've been dedicated now for about 4 months. I want my legs back! So, I'm back with my powerlifting team plus I'm using my old training books I had when I trained for the 1994 USA's and placed 8th, not bad for that being only my 4th show is space of two years.
Vancouver Natural Novice, 1st place 1992, then Oregon Coast Bodybuilding Championships then Emerald Cup 1993, 1st heavyweight then 1993 Oregon Coast, 1st heavyweight and Overall by Unanimous decision (bodybuilder that won unanimous at Emerald competed in the Oregon Coast as well, so that was good win), then 8th place USA National Championships, 1994.

That's my bodybuilding history, powerlifting culminated in winning the National Title at the NASA Powerlifting Championships in Oklahoma in 1997. Then I stopped lifting totally due to mishap at the doctors office. Literally barely worked out until this past year, getting more serious last 4 months.

So, it's been awhile. :-) I'm back now though and things sure have changed in some ways.


Please note:

Lilli does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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