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Welcome to the Profile Page of the very attractive and muscular Bodybuilder from Holland of Russian origin JENNY GAIDOUKEVITCH!

(all pictures are used by Jenny's personal permission)



Some Info about JENNY:


Name: Jenny Gaidoukevitch

Birth Date: June 11, 1969
Height: 168cm (5'6")
Weight: 64kg (141lbs) on-season 75kg (165lbs) off-season
From: Minsk RUSSIA ... living in Leiderdorp THE NETHERLANDS

5- NK NBBF 25.04.2010
3- Hercules 11.04.2010
4- Dutch Grand Prix 10.10.2009
2- Atlas NBBF 4.10.2009
42 km Leiden Marathon 17.05.2009
3- NK NBBF 19.04.2009
4- Hercules 5.04.2009
4- NAC NK 2008 Figure 16.11.2008
4- IFBB Nationals in Brussels Bodybuilding 25.10.2008
1- Atlas Bodybuilding NBBF 12.10.2008
4- Grand Prix of Brussel Bodybuilding IFBB 14.06.2008
4- NK 2008 Bodybuilding NBBF 20.04.2008
3- Hercules Bodybuilding NBBF 30.03.2008
2- Juliette Bergmann Cup Bodybuilding NBBF 16.03.2008
2- YBF Performance classe 14.10.2007

I start to train in 1998. Before that, I used to be really fat: having had two children and not having exercised at all. My lifestyle was sedentary: working as a software engineer and playing piano as a hobby. Then at age 29 I turned to weight training and lost more than 20kg (44lbs). I went to the best trainers and sportclubs in Holland to learn as much as possible about training, fitness, fighting and bodybuilding. And I completed my certification as a personal trainer. Then I opened my own sportclub Late in 2007, I began competing, did more then 10 competitions in bodybuilding and figure in the last couple of years.


Now I am doing a lot of weght training and I also train at Amsterdam's best kickboxing school, Vos Gym. It's very handy to be strong if you like fighting! In general, a strong body gives you a strong mind — handy for whatever you do in life!


Please note:
Jenny does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




JENNY's Photo Gallery:


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