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Welcome to the Page of the great looking & muscular bodybuilder CHRISTY DONAT!

(all pictures are used by Christy's personal permission)



Some Info about CHRISTY :


weight: off season - 160
weight: contest - 125
chest around bust - 35 3/4
chest around shoulder - 44 1/4
bicep 13 1/2
waist 27 1/4
hip 35 3/4
calf 14 1/2
forearm 10 1/2

A little About Me: I have been a personal trainer for 25 years. I have been training with weights since 1984 for upper body strength for dance; since 1989, for Bodybuilding, when I competed in one of the first fitness competitions held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took many years off from competing until 2000. I got back into competition after having my daughter. It was my goal to get into competitive shape and show my clients that women don't have to accept weight gain just because they have a child.

I'm truly a life-long athlete. From my pre-teens until age 23, I studied classical ballet, apprenticing with the Garden State Ballet. I then went on to study ice dance at the Olympic Training Centers in Spring Valley, New York, and Newark, Delaware. I skated professionally and coached figure skating as well as ice hockey, both on and off the ice. After an injury left me unable to skate, personal training became my full-time career.

Why I Love It: I think that bodybuilding is a way of life - It gives us confidence, self-awareness and a very strong will-power to accomplish anything life can throw at us - I love to workout I find it to be a high that you can't get anywhere else - And, the end product from all the hard work truly shows itself.

How I Stay Motivated: I set goals for myself and refuse not to complete them - Also, training with a wonderful training partner and supportive friends and family gives that extra push and support needed to succeed.

Contest History:
4th Place
NPC National JR USA – Women's Open Light Heavy Weight  
1st Place & Overall
NPC Vulcan Classic Bodybuilding Championship, Birmingham, AL – Women's Open Middle weight  
1st Place
NPC Southern Classic Bodybuilding Championship – Women's Open Light Weight  
3rd Place
Grand Cayman Grand Prix - Women's Open Heavy Weight
3rd Place
Barbados Grand Prix - Women's Open Heavy Weight
5th place
International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Mania Nationals -Women's Open Heavy Weight
5th place
International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Mania Nationals - Figure
6th Place
International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Worlds




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