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Welcome to the Page of the incredibly beautiful, very attractive and muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder NORMA NIEVES!

(all pictures are used by Norma's personal permission)



Some Info about NORMA:


Where and when were you born?
In Fajardo Puerto Rico in May 2, 1970


What is your profession?
I am the owner of my gym the name Super Power Gym,massage therapist and personal trainner.


Were you involved in sports or fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started with weight training?
My husband trained when he was 14 years then he started to compete in powerlifting then he pushed me to compete too.


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
When I started in powerlifting my husband and some friends told me I have a good physique for bodybuilding, then my husband started to train me for competing in 2002.


Can you give me your competition history?
In powerlifting I won the AAU world champion in 1999, 2000, 2001 best lifter award to. Then I started in my first competition in P.R. and I won the next 4 competitions we had in the same year from May to July. In August 2002 a friend from FT. Lauderdale invited me to the Southernstate NPC Championchip I competed in the middleweight class and I won the category and the overall, continued my trainning and competed in the NPC Nationals the same year in Dallas my placing was 10th. I continued for the next year Nationals in Miami and placed 4th in 2003. The next year 2004 Nationals in Dallas my weight class was lightheavy and my placing was 11th. And now the USA great competition I placed 7th.


Latest competition:

2005 NPC Nationals, 1st Place Middleweights (earned my Pro Card)


Which contest has been your biggest success; which has had the most meaning to you?
The southernstate was great be the overrall winner.


Please tell me something about your training routine (ie: how many days per week / training split /cardio, etc.)
5 days on 2 days off and cardio every day 30 minutes in the morning 30 in the afternoon.


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don't like so much?
Legs exercises are my favorite and cardio I dont like so much.


Which body part is your best in your opinion?
My back and legs


If you don't mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)?
Squat 500lb, bench 300lb, deadlift 465lb 27 inch legs 16 3/4 arm.


What do you enjoy about training for competition....what do you enjoy about the 'off season'?
On season the way I look, the offseason the power I have.


Please describe a typical day in the life of Norma Nieves.
Start 6:00 am with cardio then my breakfast then I start doing personal trainning from 8 to 10 am take a break train and eat then I continue working in the gym to 4:00 pm then I go home eat and continue with my cardio, eat to more time and go to bed.


Please tell me about what you do when you don't work out ( hobbies, what do you do to relax?, etc.)
I like beach and the movies with friends and family.


What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?
Be in good shape.


Tell me something interesting about yourself, something people may be surprised to hear.
When I tell I have a daughter 15 years that compete in powerlifting.


What are your competition goals or personal future goals?
Be a professional bodybuilder from IFBB and Ms Olympia.


Please note:

Norma does not not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




NORMA's Photo Gallery:


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Norma's own website is going to be launched in February 2006



Norma can be contacted by e-mail at:

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