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Welcome to the Profile Page of the beautiful, attractive & very muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder SHEILA BLECK!

(all pictures are used by Sheila's personal permission)



Some Info about SHEILA:


What is your profession?
Internet Business.

MGL was created by my partner " IFBB PRO Melody Spetko. I am an exclusive performer of this site/ Entrepreneur. The soul purpose behind creating MGL was for it to be OWNED by female athlete dedicated to the sport of female bodybuilding athletes to as well give some incentives for our fans.

We already know that the IFBB lacks sponsorships for us female pro bodybuilders. The two main sponsors are Specie Nutrition and Wings of Strength. While quite a few dedicated FBB websites that make a lucrative amount of dollars off our images, live webcams, and videos all the years of our hard work and the fans financial support. They declined from sponsoring any of our pro shows.

MGL's goal is to sponsor at least two IFBB FBB pro shows a year. Melody Spetko ( owner of MGL) is now an exclusive sponsor for the 2012 TORONTO PRO SHOW in Canada. Take notice! This is the first ever that I know of in FBB history that ANY FBB website stepped up to sponsor ANY pro show. This is big. Melody Spetko also offers . Any items bought will be for sponsorship.MGL site offers more then just live webcam. Each performer has her own page for photos to sell , another page for videos to sell. Performers may also donate videos to MGL for sponsorship fund. This is a very new model. Only five in the world. We are the fifth. I hope our fans will have as much fun with MGL as us performers couldn't be more thrilled.

MGL launched October 8 2011. We are still very new. Us performers / female bodybuilding athletes are pulling more and more together each week. MGL feels like our own personal office. Which also allows me to feel that our fans are now more exclusive with us.

In Close. I would like to point out that a few FBB websites are supporting Melody with MGL.. They respect what she/we are doing.. Quick names like James Cook of Ftvideo and Awefilms, and im sure a few more will like to help us out by advertising. MGL, when ready, will advertise here on Thank you for any and all support.


Any questions about please contact [email protected]

What kind of activities/sports did you do before you started lifting weights?
I always hit the weights, I don't remember when i did'nt. I did do some track, basketball and modern dance.

How and when did you get involved into lifting weights?
Again the drive has always been there. My motivator was Sylvestor Stallone. My mom got my sister and I our first weight bench when we were 12 yrs old.

Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew on your mind as time went on?
I wanted to be a dancer, so the stage was always on my mind. At 17yrs old so many by then were encouraging me. I felt i could have both.

What was your first bodybuilding competition and how did you place?
1993 Bill Pearl Classic. 18yrs old placed 2nd in novice heavy weight.

Which contest has been the biggest success for you yet?
It use to be when i conquered the Emerald Cup in 2000 and Steve Wennerstrom giving my magazine coverages ect. Now, 2006 USA nationals. Judges awarding me into top five. My performance was seen, felt and heard for once on the national stage. John Lindsay (the promoter) stopping me in the lobby, shaking my hand showing me his appreciation among the many who awarded me that night. It was a relief i never felt before with a sense of freedom. Even to this very day i recieve positive feedback. I did not expect this, and i never been more pleased, so thank you.

Contest History:
1993 Bill Pearl Classic: 2nd place novice heavy
1995 Oregon Coast Champ. 1st pl. Novice heavy
1998 Oregon State National Qualifier: 1st pl. heavy
1999 Oregon State NQ: 1st pl.heavy
2000 Oregon State NQ: Overall heavy
2000 Emerald Cup NQ: Overall heavy
2000 USA Nationals: 16th pl. heavy
2002 Contra Costa NQ: Overall heavy
2003 Nationals: 6th pl. heavy
2005 North West Bodybuilding NQ: Overall heavy
2005 Nationals: 11th pl. heavy
2006 USA Nationals: 3rd pl. heavy
2006 Nationals: 3rd pl. heavy
2007 USA Nationals: 2nd pl. heavy

2008 Nationals: 1st pl. heavy + overall (pro card)

New York Pro show 2010 2nd Place
Ms. Olympia 2010 4th place
Ms. Olympia 2011 6th place

Please describe a typical day in life of Sheila Bleck.
Regardless of time i get up. Kitchen duties, prep my foods for the entire day, then house cleaning. I go to the gym for a few hours. I eat again when i return. freshen up take on all my emails, deal with my cam schedules or clients coming in. Rest the evening i am doing my cam shows. At night i go do cardio here at the club house or i hide in my room and work on my choreography. That about sums it up.

How often do you train a week?
If your talking weights? its five days a week. If cardio i do it about everyday. if your asking about my flexability workouts and balances ect.., 3-4 days a week. I am doing something everday, i take a day off when i feel like it.

Body measurements?
Shoulder girth: 44
Biceps: 15.5
Calves: 16.5
Quads: 24
Waist: 30
Hips: 37

Best Lifts?

These were done years ago, I don't do this anymore
Bench: 265
Deads: 385
Squats: 425
Body weight now?

Anymore offseason 175.
Competition weight varies: 156pnds-161pnds

Which bodypart is your best in your opinion?
My legs.
What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which is your least ?
I really love doing my leg workouts. I not such a fan of hyper extensions.

Judging in Women's bodybuilding today has always been criticized in one or the other way. Please tell me your honest thoughts about today's judging in women's bodybuilding?
To be truely honest there was a long period to where i could see why there was alot of discussion on what needed to change ect..So ok, if you ask me, I feel us ladies have done so accordingly to what is recommended of us today. I dont hear to much negativity anymore but alot of compliments. But either way no matter what, there is going to be something said in a negative manner. Do i care? no not really.

What are your future plans in 2012?
To network out Musclegirlzlive with Melody Spetko as much as possible for it to be known and let others understand all about our meaning.

Looking forward to experiencing our site MGL sponsoring the Toronto Pro show.. Im so thrilled that Melody Spetko was able to make this" use to be" impossible dream, possible. As for shows , do to new rules of the IFBB i have to requalify for the Ms.Olympia. So looking at Tampa Pro but i noticed on my list" Wings of Strength" is putting on their own pro show in Chicago. I have time to decide and I will update after I compete lol!


Please note:

Sheila does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind! Please don't ask!!




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