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Welcome to the Page of the very beautiful & muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder KATHY CONNORS!

(all pictures are used by Kathy's permission)



Some Info about KATHY:


I have been weightlifting since 1980, Originally from Buffalo, NY, I began working out in 1980 and competed in my first contest in 1981. I loved it so much that I also competed in 1982, and both of those shows were sanctioned by the first women's bodybuilding association AFWBB. The NPC did not sanction women's contests at that time, and the women were all in one weight catagory...we have come a long way since then!
ALL of my bodybuilding and powerlifting accomplishments can be seen on my site It's quite extensive and I am proud to have achieved the titles and accomplishments that I have. My hobbies include: my daily workouts, gourmet cooking (I used to teach classes), bike riding, snow skiing, scuba diving, exploring new fine dining restaurants around the world as I love to travel to foreign countries and learn about new countries, and various ethnic cultures, foods and activities. I have studied several foreign languages and hope to continue my studies.


I train six days a week, and cardio 5-7 days a week.
My training schedule is always changing, as I believe its important to keep the body always progressing..and always challanging it. I have successfully participated in several strength extravaganzas over the years, was the first women to pass the local police SWAT team physical agility testing, and am now retired from a challanging career in law enforcement. With a Phd in psychology, I continue to learn about people as I meet them throughout life,and as my experiences grow daily to make me a more complete person, I strive to live by my daily mantra: "Live each and every day as if it was your last, express apprecaition and affection to those around you and to those you love, experience all that life has to offer, it will ALL work together to make you a better person if you accept God's plan for your life. Be thankful and always treat others as you would expect to be treated"


Bodybuilding Achievements:


1989 NE Florida 1st Light & Overall

1990 East Coast 1st Light & Overall & Mixed Pairs

1990 Southern USA 1st Light & Overall

1990 Jr. Nationals 2nd Light

1991 Team USA vs. USSR Exhibition

1992 Florida State 1st Middle

1992 USA 3rd Middle

1992 Jr. Nationals 3rd Middle

1993 Nationals 10th Middle

1996 NE USA 2nd Middle

1997 Jr. USA 1st Middle & Overall

1998 Nationals 10th Middle

1999 Nationals 6th Middle

2001 Florida State Championships 1st Middleweight

2001 Nationals 7th Middleweight



2006 North American Championships 7th Lightheavy
2007 Florida State Heavyweight and Overall Champion

2008 North American Championships, 9th Heavyweight

2008 Masters Nationals Heavyweight Over 45 1st place
" Over 35 2nd place
2008 USA Championships Heavyweight 7th place


Kathy is a Florida resident and enjoys living in the sunshine! Future plans for 2009 include competing and a lot of fun traveling to meet friends and fans across the world!




KATHY's Photo Gallery:




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