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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Fitness Model ARCANA!

(all pictures are used by Arcana's personal permission)



Some Info about ARCANA:


Arcana is a true country girl, born in mid-west and raised on an Arabian Horse farm alot of weekends were spent traveling from show to show and inbetween was bailing hay and unloading 100 lb bags of feed amongst other farm chores. She still enjoys riding English Saddle but would rather pass on pounding frozen ice buckets in the frozen winters.


Her profession also follows through with her love of the great outdoors, she decided to enter the world of construction. Starting out mason tending and as a general concrete laborer Arcana worked hard eventually becoming Office Manager for a commercial builder. She also started her own construction business but has decided to put the construction on the back burner for traveling and modeling absorbed a great amount of her time. And just a few months ago she was introduced into the Physique world where she plans to give her all to excell. It was not always her goal to compete but after entering into the physique world many pushed her that here is where she belongs and she should do well in competitions, the fans pushed her with confidence that she should compete. So with the fans confidence Arcana took third in her first figure competition this year and is training to take higher placement for the upcoming events. She now is very excited about competiting and cannot wait for the next competitions. She comments on the development in her body in such a short time frame her biceps have grown nearly two inches and development in her lower body is now coming along nicely. She is very proud of her legs which she inherited from her Grandmother, said that when Grandma died at 89 she still had very shapely legs and strong arms too.


Aracana had 10" biceps last March 05 her biceps now measure 12" followed with a curvacious figure measuring 38D-27-36 and sexy cut calves coming in at 13.5" she wares a size zero dress and size 7 shoe. Her weekly workout routine consists of using the ab roller 4-5 nites per week along with some leg exercises and flexing for the cams. She does not go to a gym for the construction work has taken care of any weights she may need to lift. She cant tell you what she benched at the gym since she doesnt go to one but she can tell you she can lift a 94 lb bag of portland cement over her head to step on a block and drop it in a cement mixer and she can tell you she can lift and carry a 185 lb man accross her kitchen floor. lol Arcana likes the strength of being able to lift things that most think she cannot or just seeing the response of strangers after seeing her. At the tire store she unloaded her own, a couple of guys watched and then when this other guy went to put the fixed tire back in the truck he complained as to how heavy it was and the other guys laughed for they had just scene her lift it without problem.


She has always had a very tight physique and very nicely cut from being active, riding horses, four wheeling, swimming in the lake, skiing and just romping through the woods :) In school she was a pom-pom girl, cheerleader, ran in cross country and today she still holds the heart of a tom boy; she likes to hang out with the guys and loves the great outdoors and enjoys hunting including bow hunting and fishing.


Please note:

Arcana does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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