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Welcome to the Profile Page of the great looking & very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder PAM FRANKLIN!

(all pictures are used by Pam's personal permission)



Some Info about PAM:


The first breath I took was in Port Lavaca, Texas. Although I have travelled extensively, including Germany, Austria, Israel and England, and have lived in different parts of the U.S., including Michigan, Hawaii and California, my heart has always been in Texas and that is where I have returned. I now live in Spring, Texas with my family. My husband and two children are the center of my life. I enjoy my personal training profession which I practice under my company name of Amazon Fitness. I have always been athletic and have enjoyed sports. I competed in Volleyball and in Track I ran the 400 meter dash and relay and the 800 meter relay. I enjoy snow skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

I first started working out with weights when I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1985. Initially I didn't intend to compete. However, I loved the way it shaped my body, and after being encouraged to try a competition, I was hooked when I won first place in middleweight at my first contest, the Lackland Classic in San Antonio in 1986. I competed in several competitions around Texas from then until 1990 when I entered the Texas Championships and placed second in the lightweight division. After my second child came along I decided to devote myself to raising my young children and stopped competing for ten years. I continued to work out during those years although my intensity and consistency were lagging. In 2000 I started working out seriously again and competed in the John Sherman Competition in Houston in 2001. In 2002 I competed in the Texas Championships and in 2003 I won first in the heavyweight at the Texas Championships. I competed nationally starting in 2003 and have entered the USA, the Jr. Nationals, the Nationals, the North American Championships and the Master's Nationals competitions with varying placings at each competition. I became a professional bodybuilder in 2011 by placing first in the Over 35 division at the Team Universe Competition. I’ve entered several pro competitions with my best placing being at the 2014 Master’s Pro Pittsburgh where I placed first in my division. You can find more detailed information on these placings on my personal website.

A typical day in my life starts out with training clients at my personal training studio. I do my own workout midday and then I'm back to training clients in the evening. I consistently work out at least 5 days a week. I often change my workout programs, but a typical program would be as follows, alternating days:
Day 1: Chest and Back
Day 2: Legs and Biceps
Day 3: Shoulders and Triceps and Calves

When I'm training in the off-season I take more rest between sets and use heavier weights and when dieting for a contest I increase my intensity and do more super-sets, drop sets, less rest between sets and much more cardio.

My measurements in inches are:
Biceps 15.5"
Legs 24.5"
Waist 27"
Contest weight 145 lbs.
Off-season weight 160 lbs.
My best lifts are:
Bench press -210 lb.
Leg press - 1000 lbs!!!!
Chin-ups - using 45 lb. plate for 6 reps

My best bodypart is my back. It has always been the easiest bodypart for me to develop and seems to respond quickly to stimuli. I love to do chin-ups and rowing exercises. I really enjoy working out and can't think of any exercise that I don't like. Like I said, I'm hooked on this. It's a lot of fun for me! I really enjoy my workouts. The only part about bodybuilding I don't enjoy is the dieting. I'm sure everyone feels the same about dieting!!!

Women's bodybuilding today is confused. At many contests there is such discrepancy between the judges choice and the audience's choice. It seems that judges are looking for different things from contest to contest, sometimes it is the most defined and others the most size, and still others somewhere in between. Bodybuilding is hard to judge because there is no definite set of ideal physique qualities. Different people have different ideas about what they think the perfect physique should be. It has always been this way and always will be this way. I shape my body this way because I love the look. I love big defined muscles. Some would say I look too masculine. That is their opinion. I don't do this to make them happy. I do this to make me happy. I love the way I look. I compete in bodybuilding because I have to have a goal so I can stay on the diet to achieve the definition. Without the goal of competition I know I wouldn't have the discipline needed to reach this extreme definition. I can do it with the goal.




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