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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and massive muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder ANDREA GAHAN!

(all pictures are used by Andrea's personal permission)



Some Info about ANDREA:


Years training; 14, 15 years as of 2005


How I got started: I started BB father bought me my first membership. I wanted to join the gym at 15, but the gym would not let me, since I was underaged. I had to wait another year before my Dad could sign me over. I joined the gym initally to supplement my athletic career. I was playing basketball and volleyball in high school, and I needed more stamina and strength..........My body responded very quickly to weights.


I joined my first hard core gym in Daly City , California.......this gym ist still my home.....I tell people I built my body there. Gideon's Gym in Daly City Calfironia, is no longer there. The owners, Gary and Daisy Gideon have renamed the gym the Fitness Core , but I understand it is still the same gym,, just different name!


Favorite Food: cheesecake


Favorite Diet food: ultra lean ground buffalo, talipia, 
Favorite vegetables: broccoli, peppers
Favorite bodypart to train: probably back/chest
Least favorite Bodypart to train: triceps, calves


favorite cardio: precour, or treadmill on an incline


First contest: Maryland states, 1999......won the heavyweight and the Overall


Best contest showing to date: North American championship, 2004
Female Idol in Bodybbuilding: Denise Rutkowski........


Favorite traits in people: perseverance, consistency
least favorite traits in people: false friends, disloyalty


favorite city: San Francisco! My home town


Education: BA in History/Research , attended Loyola and University of Maryland
Education plans for future: Finish Masters' Degree


Favorite Hobbies: Writing......I've written everything from short stories, articles, editorials, etc.......writing is very cathartic for me. I'm a creative person and this is just one form that it takes.


Future plans in Bodybuilding: Plan to go back to North Americans in 2005, looking to take the Overall, and the Pro Card.


Biggest Complaint About BB: Lack of opportunities for women. The purses for the men have steadily increased over th eyears....not so for the women. We're treated like Bastard children that no one wants to deal with.


THoughts on the Heavyweight Class in General: I'm grateful that they implemented the new Light Heavyweight Class. It was the right thing to do. Its' not fair for lighter women coming in at 140-150 pounds to compete against women like myself or other larger heavyweights. There wsa too much of a weight discrepancy with a range of 30-40 pounds or more.


Favorite Heavyweights competing today: Lora Ottenad....... woman is long overdue for a Pro Card........


Favorite Amateurs: I'm excited about the return of Robin Parker.....another dynamic athlete. She's now working with Chad Nicholls' and I expect to see big things from her at this year's Nationals.


Thoughts on comparison to Other Leg Queen, Heather Policky: Heather's a good 2002, Heather was way ahead of me in development, all over. In 2003, she was still ahead of me...... but in those two years, I busted my ass. Now, we're about even. I think I have more developed hamstring thickness and shape then heather does, but her quads are still out of this world. When she gets her head back in the game, I'll enjoy going head to head with my "little sister." Should be a good match up.


Thoughts on Current trends in FBB: What to say? The judges have their own agendas when it comes to the women. This time around, they happened to like shape, symmetry and size, with good conditioining. But, I"m not stupid. Next year, it could be conditioining all the way throught. The key to being successful in this sport is not to be a chameloen. Bring the package you want, and see what happpesn. I refuse to be a circle trying to fit into a square box......... I bring the goods, if they like it, that's just icing on the cake.


Judges vs. Crowd: Would always want to be the crowd favorite over the judges' favorite, any day of the week.......


Things most people don't know: I suffer from anxiety attacks under extreme stress. Ironicallly, I've never had one onstage- probably becaue I"m most comfortable competing. I enjoy being on stage. I was also a handicapped child , having been born premature....... People don't realize that being told you "can't" is perhaps the greattest motivator of all....... That's why I am where I am right now.........I had to prove them all wrong....... It's nice to be right.........:)



height: 5'5
quads; 26 inches
waist: 29 inches
biceps : 15.5 inches
calves: 15 inches
chest: 42 inches , cup size C-D depending on the season
eyes: grey
hair: brown
Contest weight: 163 pounds
Offseason weight: 200 pounds


This past offseason, I went up to 230 pounds. I am married to a Professional Powerlifter , and he had me lifting heavy, power style. Lots of BB women "now" do powerlifting in their offseason. it's like the "in thing" now......well, I was doing powerlifting training before it became


Best lifts to date:

Bench 275 bench for 4 reps, 295 for 2 reps
squat: don't really squat heavy anymore....... 405, but routinely do 10 sets of 10 with 225 pounds
deadlift: 375 for reps of 10
barbell curl 105 pounds
dumbbell presses: 100 pounds each hand
shoulder press; 65-70 pound dumbbell
dumbbell rows: 90 pounds dumbells
reverse grip benching: 225 pounds for 8 reps


I train heavy, with explosive movements........I don't talk, all I do is lift. I train fairly quickly for a BB........My best results to date have been from training with my husband, a powerlifter, training every other day. I respond well to intense, infrquent training. I do well with low volume, but not low reps. My ideal rep range is between 5-12 for most bodyparts.


This year the focus will be on triceps thickness, calve width, and front delts.


I never train more then 2 days on in a row. Goals will be to resume training 2 days on/1 day off for the first 6 weeks of training, to ease back into the grind. From there, we will switch to training every other day to allow for more rest.




ANDREA's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 7-10 are courtesy of Tom Nine

© Photos 11-12 are courtesy of Jonathan Bowie



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