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June 17th 2024



JOIN HDPhysiques now for awesome new models added since our last AMG update! We recently added phenomenal new model pages for WPD, FBB, bikini, and figure competitors such as Bri Marshall, Kayla Bradford, Steph Koerber, FBB Amanda Smith, Amanda Ciani, and MANY MORE!!!

Remember, if you join with an HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques combo membership, you can save up to $8.00/month! Just "opt-in" to join the add-on site when signing up for either one.

Also, over at the, by, we continue to ad many more exciting videos, such as the recent SEXY vids of calves queen Steph Koerber, and mass monsters Brooke Walker, & Beefnuggette, and Carli Terepka! We also have NEW STUDIOS opening in the next month that will totally blow you away! Feel free to browse the various studios and fill your cart with selections from each one. You are not limited to only buying from one studio at a time! Remember, when you purchase from HDPhysiques.TV, the purchases go directly to supporting the athlete!

Lastly, for customers with accounts at Clips4Sale, our store address is:, which we will continue to update periodically as well!



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Amanda Ciani  Amanda Smith  Amanda Smith  Amanda Kohatsu

Bojana Vasiljevic  Bri Marshall  Kayla Bradford  Kayla Bradford

Kaylee Essers  Laura Pyszora  Lia Taylor  Steph Gibson

Steph Gibson  Steph Koerber  Steph Koerber  Susan Graham



Sample Video Clips:


Amanda Smith (29.3 MB)


Bojana-Vasiljevic (16.0 MB)


Brittani Parish (33.5 MB)


Bri Marshall (26.1 MB)


Kim Baum (19.7 MB)


Steph Gibson (40.3 MB)


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