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Welcome to the Profile Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder SHERRY SMITH!

(all pictures are used by Sherry's personal permission)



Some Info about SHERRY:


I was born in Norman, Ok. On April 9, 1970.

The first time I entered a gym was in high school. I had some very close friends that played football and I went to the gym with them for social purposes. I did some of the exercises they were doing and they seemed impressed with my strength…so began the motivation.

In college I hired a friend of mine that was studying to be a personal trainer. He charged me $15 a week (that’s a lot when you’re a poor college student) to set me up on a program and teach me proper lifting techniques.


In 1991, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Communication and immediately landed a job with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. I applied with 1800 other hopefuls and was fortunate to obtain 1 of only 30 positions. This is where I met Tonie Norman (also a competitive bodybuilder). We became best of friends. I loved how driven and motivated she was. But we both found out quickly that if we were going to be able to do this job well, we would have to hit the heavy weights.


I was a competitive Masters swimmer and competed in sprint length triathlons before I started weight training.


In January of 1996, Tonie told me of an interest she had to compete in bodybuilding. This was and interest I did not share at first but told her I would be a very supportive friend and training partner. We met Darrell Terrell at a nutritional workshop a local gym was putting on. He seemed very knowledgeable about bodybuilding (being a competitor himself) and had a list of female clients he had assisted in winning local shows. We started training with Darrell and he stated that he thought I had a lot of potential and should consider competing as well. After assuring me he would not let me make a fool of myself, I gave in and started preparing (along side Tonie) for the Oklahoman (June 1996). Tonie was a lightweight that easily took her class—I was a middleweight (128) and easily took my class. We had to compete for the overall and Tonie won.


I took off a year and in August 1997, won both the heavyweight title (151) and the overall at the Oklahoman. I kept dieting and in October of 1997, won the heavyweight title at the Red River and had to compete against my best friend Carri Ledford in the overall. It was the longest, funest posedown in the history of the Red River. I ended up (with a little luck) with the bragging rights of the overall title.


Here is the rest of my contest career:

1998 USA (Las Vegas) Placed 13th in heavyweight (154)

1999 Jr. Nationals (San Antonio) Placed 1st in heavyweight (156) and Overall!

2000 Had to take off due to a torn bicep tendon. Competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge—that was a blast!

2001 USA (Las Vegas) Placed 5th in heavyweight (161)

2001 Nationals (Atlanta) Placed 6th in heavyweight (161)

2002 Nationals (Dallas, TX) Placed 3rd in heavyweight

2003 Nationals (Miami, FL) Placed 4th heavyweight

2004 USA (Las Vegas) Placed 1st in heavyweight

2005 USA (Las Vegas) Placed 2nd in heavyweight

2006 IFBB North American (Cleveland , OH) Placed 1st in heavyweight and Overall - obtained IFBB Pro Status!!!!!

2007 IFBB Europa Supershow (Texas, TX)) Placed 4th in heavyweight (pro debut)


Off-season weight stays around 185-190. I have topped out as heavy as 210.

My best body part is my legs.


When I’m not competing, I am a full time Firefighter/Paramedic for Oklahoma City (almost 11 years now!). Off duty, I personal train 20 full time clients. Needless to say, all of that takes up a majority of my time. My only other hobby is hanging out with friends.

I train 4 times a week. Day 1-- Chest/Shoulders; Day 2-- Arms; Day 3—Legs; Day 4—Back. Since my schedule at the fire department changes, I cannot work chest/shoulders every Monday. I try to give 24 hours between each upper body workout when possible.

 I really don’t have a favorite exercise or part to work. If I have a body part I feel needs extra work, it becomes my favorite part. I love being in control of the changes my body is making.


Please note:

Sherry does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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