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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive, muscular and beautiful NPC National Level Bodybuilder MELANIE THOMPSON!

(all pictures are used by Melanie's personal permission)



Some Info about MELANIE:


I was born March 23, 1973 in Charlotte, N.C. where I have lived my entire life. I grew up with 2 brothers and 1 sister. I don’t have an athletic background when it comes to school and sports but like I said I had 2 brothers and had to be able to stand my ground. I think that made me tougher than any sport I could have played. I started jogging around high school just stay in shape. I’m not a book reader or a t.v. watcher so, this is how I would “escape” and have some quite time. After a fews years I decided to weight train a little to try to keep my upper and lower body in proportion. I enjoyed the weight training so much that I stopped running and spent all of my time lifting. I had never planned on competing but a friend of mine was going to train for the N.C. state show. To be supportive I was going to diet along with him. Well, ended up the day of the show came and he had backed out and I was the one up on stage. I’m still confused as to how this happened but never the less after that I had the “fever”. To this day I haven’t competed in many shows but I’ve just been very successful in the few I’ve chosen.


Currently I’m a manager at a local gym here in Charlotte. I do some personal training on the side and help others with contest prep. I try to be very involved with bodybuilding in my area to provide support to upcoming athletes. Usually you can find me backstage helping out in some way to try to give the competitors a positive experience.


A typical day for me looks like this: 4am wake up, 5am open the gym, 1pm get off work, 2pm take nap, 4pm on my way to train, 7pm home for the night, 9pm in the bed. Not real exciting but I find this allows me to get plenty of rest for recovery and keeps things simple. I workout 6 days a week, training 1 body part per day (with the exception of adding in abs or calves). Here’s my schedule:


Monday- quads
Tuesday- chest
Wednesday- back
Thursday- shoulders
Friday- hams
Saturday- arms


I thrown in calves twice a week and abs three times per week. During my contest prep everything stays pretty much the same except that I incorporate cardio in addition to weights. My best body part is my legs and I would say my shoulders are my worst. I love to train legs and despise shoulders so, I guess it shows in my physique.
I am currently preparing for the 2004 North American and this year I will be competing as a middleweight.


Contest History:
1998 N.C. State Bodybuilding – 3rd place lightweight
2001 Metrolina - 1st place lightweight and overall winner
2001 N.C. State Bodybuilding- 1st place lightweight and overall winner
2001 NPC Nationals- 7th place lightweight
2002 NPC USA’s- 1st place lightweight

2003 NPC Nationals - 5th place lightweight


Please note!

Melanie is not available for sessions!




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