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Welcome to the Profile Page of the very beautiful and extremely muscular Canadian IFBB Professional Bodybuilder COLETTE GUIMOND!

(all pictures are used by Colette's personal permission)



Some info about Colette


After my first year of training I did my first show in 1988 and was immediately addicted even after taking only 4th place. I was small, only 110lbs. Next year I won the Montreal '89 Championship at 114lbs..


I kept improving until 1995, and won many other shows. I was on my way to finally to make my ultimate dream a reality, competing in the Miss O. But an accident stopped me from competing. in the 1997, it could have been Fatal. Doctors could not believe how fast I was recuperating and that I actually survived. After nine (9) surgeries I am bigger and harder than ever. I was told that I had amazing potential in competition I chose not to compete because I could not deal with an un-symmetrical body, due to the surgery I felt that would prevent me for winning. For me it was a great loss that was difficult to accept.


Now over the past 5 years, as you can see from my photos, I was able to keep on improving. Up to this summer, I finally accepted my injury and the flaw it had created in a bodybuilding perspective view, and I realized in real life that it does not make me a worse bodybuilder for such.


I'm now thinking of doing a show for my fans and for myself as I am always being asked for what show am I'm getting ready for ?. I know I will never make it to where I could be as a competitor because I know my limitation. I now have to deal with for this sport, but I can say after this my dream has never completely left me , because since I'm enjoying more and more the admirations from fans all over the Worlds and I get to meet them and I'm making a living from being so muscular and who I've become. I'm Glad because I've beat the odds! In other words never give up! There will be always something there for you.


Biography - Personal Information
Personal Information: 
Born : September 14th, 1961 
Where: Montreal, Canada 
Height: 5'1" (155cm) 
Weight: Im bigger then ever at 160-165  lbs off season

compete at 146-150 lbs160-165 lbs 
Biceps:16.5" (17inch after arms workout) 
Thighs 26.5" 
Calves: 17.5" 
Language : French, English


Next to bodybuilding I like music very much !! I played keyboards in a band when I was 17 up to 26.


Doing bodybuilding made me stop playing seriously, In the last few years I've stared to play for fun and I just love it. Sometime I can stay up all night playing getting lost in space ! I always had a desire to let out my creativity. I stared very young to use it as a way to express my feelings with music or sculpturing my body. I can see the beauty in all forms of arts and any lifestyles.


I have been training for 15 years starting at the age of 26, wanting to improve and protect my health & body . A sense of physical art overcame me, combining beauty and a muscular body, a combination of size and symmetry. For me the ripped and hard look when getting ready for a show is the ultimate look for a bodybuilder . I enjoy this feeling of being ripped and hard, so this my focus. All year long I work hard to keep this shape . I'm always looking like I'm only a couples weeks or months from a show. I make sure that you will never see me out of shape ! As long as I'm able, I will do my best to be all I can . I consider myself a little obsessed, but it works for me!


New Website is ready! All new photos never sceen befeore . Im bigger then ever at 160 -165 lbs off season compete at 146 -150 lbs. A member section, my best photos and video clips on this section, and still some free photos!


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Colette will be competing at the Tampa Pro Show, August 11th




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© Pictures 5-12 are from the new Alina Popa video available on Colette's website



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