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Welcome to the Page of the marvelous, very muscular and extremely attractive IFBB Professional Bodybuilder from Denmark HELLE NIELSEN!

(all pictures are used by Helle's personal permission)



Some Info about HELLE:


Height: 5`5 
Contest weight: 165
Off-season weight: 180lbs 
Age: 30
Born: Sřnderborg, Denmark 
Now resides: Copenhagen, Denmark 
Began Bodybuilding: 1992


Current Stats:

Quads: 27 1/2"
Calves: 17 3/4"
Arms: 17"
Forearms: 12 1/2"
Shoulder-width: 52 1/3"
Back-width: 45 1/3"


I am a professional bodybuilder, but Ive continued my other career as well, which I have enjoyed for the past 7 years. In Denmark, we have a unique profession not found elsewhere. My job is functioning as a personal assistant to a handicapped person, taking care of a patient with a muscle wasting decease. Working with him exclusively, I help with the practical things in his life as well as taking care of his physical training. In the time spent preparing for a contest, I must be very focused on my own personal requirements in order to achieve a strong competition performance. My other career, in contrary, requires total commitment for the good of another person. The job is very fulfilling, and it helps me achieve balance.


Previous Sports:
Having grown up on a farm, I have had several horses, and competed Nationally in both Dressage and Ring Riding. The latter, is an equestrian event where the rider must gallop between two poles from which a rope is attached at both ends; in the middle is a ring, which the rider must catch with a spear. Competitors ride 24 rounds and the rider who has caught the most rings wins, honored with the title King or Queen. Its a lot of fun!


My Entry into Bodybuilding:
It was actually pure interest. As a little girl I always thought it was exiting when my father packed his gym bag (he wasnt a bodybuilder, he was training for recreation). I always wanted to go with him - I imagined what it would look like there, and thought it was exiting with all those machines. Sadly, I wasnt allowed. I was too young, only about 10 at the time. Later on, my sister joined a gym, she is physically handicapped and also trains for recreational purposes - but once again I was too young to join her and had to wait until I turned 17.


At that time, a friend invited me to a competition in Powerlifting in a local gym. I was so fascinated by the huge muscles and the poundages these athletes could lift - the sweat in the air - it was just great! This was the gym where I started my career and trained for the first 5 years before I moved to Copenhagen. I moved to Copenhagen because I wanted to enter my first Bodybuilding contest and I didnt really know anything about the finer points of training. Earlier that year I had attended the Danish championships in Copenhagen. I had gone through the program of athletes who had competed and where they came from. I noticed that there were 12 bodybuilders competing from the same gym. I thought: "Ive got to go there"! and so I did. I went home, packed, and moved to Copenhagen, joined that gym and 7 months later I competed in the Danish championships and won my first title.


Danish Champion 1998 
Scandinavian Champion 1998 
Jan Tana Pro Classic Overall Champion 2003 
Ms.Olympia 5th place 2003


Winning the 2003 Jan Tana Classic was a totally unexpected surprise for me! Subsequently, I qualified for the 2003 Ms. Olympia, and had to start dieting all over again to return to the United States and compete in Las Vegas. It is the premier event in Womens Bodybuilding and my experience reaffirmed my desire to win the Ms. Olympia one day!


I would like to be a positive role model and spokesperson for the sport to aspiring female bodybuilders all over the world.


Please note:

Helle does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




HELLE's Photo Gallery:


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