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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & muscular IFBB Pro Bodybuilder CARRI LEDFORD-BALDWIN!

(all pictures are used by Carri's personal permission)



Some Info about CARRI:


I have been an Oklahoma City Firefighter for a little of 5 years now, I have 16 year old son, Michael.


I have been involved in bodybuilding now for about 9 years. I competed in my first show in 1994 where I won the overall novice women's title. In 1995 I became Ms. Oklahoma, wiinning my weight class and the overall open women's division.


It was also at this time that I met my training partner/best friend, Sherry Smith (a top five national heavyweight competitor). We began training with each other with our trainer, Darrell Terrell, as we both had a goal and were extremely competitive. Being a middleweight and with Sherry being a heavyweight, we pushed each other every work-out, each to strive to be just as good, and maybe a little better, than the other. I loved it as did she. Which is why we are still great work out partners to this date.


It was around 1998 that I joined the fire department, prompted by my Best Friend, who was already on the job. It was the best move career wise I could have made.


In 1999 I competed at the Junior Nationals in San Antonio. I won the middleweight division and Sherry won the heavyweight division. So, we got to compete on the same stage for the overall title. I was out-muscled, gladly, and Sherry took the title. It was the most fun I had had on stage ever and to this date!


In 2001 I won the overall open title of Ms. Red River. It was at this time I was told it would benefit me to gain some poundage and compete nationally as a heavyweight (Sherry's idea as well as our trainer, Howie Huddleston of Moore, Oklahoma).


At the 2003 USA Championships I took 6th place! I was extremely thrilled especially with the list of competitors there. My plans include to gain a few more pounds and give the 2004 USA a surprise, and hopefully make the top three of an excellent weight class!


Latest news:

Carri just won the Light Heavyweights and the Overall at the 2004 NPC USA! Congratulations Carri!


On a personal note, I am an avid animal lover, especially dogs! I enjoy softball and beer during the off-season as well as hanging out with all my friends who are awesome, and very supportive of me in my goal to become a pro! I could not ask for a better group of people.


Just remember, don't give in, and always keep you eye on your dreams! You will get there!


Should you wish to correspond, my e-mail is [email protected]


Hope to hear any feedback or correspondence you may have.


Lift on!!


A special thanks to Howie Huddleston of Moore, Oklahoma for his training expertise.


Please note: Carri is not available for private sessions.




CARRI's Photo Gallery:


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