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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and great muscled Fitness Competitor and former Bodybuilder KATIE MADDEN!

(all pictures are used by Katie's personal permission)



Some Info about KATIE:


Name: Katie D. Madden


Birthdate: February 7th, 1959 (Aquarius)


Home: Scottsdale, Arizona since June 2005. Grew up in Central Illinois. I have also lived in Clearwater, Florida (3 years) and Asheville, North Carolina (3 years). Left North Carolina and returned to Illinois in 1991, where I resided for the next 14 years.


Occupation: Private Fitness Trainer / Scottsdale, Arizona


Former Career: Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending


I am an evolving athlete. My competitions began in 2002, when I entered my first bodybuilding contest. That year I won 4 overall championship NPC titles. My first contest was in April 2002, I won 2 overall titles in the Mid Illinois NPC Championships, Ottawa, Illinois. November 2002, I won 2 overall championships in the Midwest Ironman contest in Chicago, Illinois. This qualified me for Nationals, so 3 weeks later I competed in the NPC Nationals in Dallas Texas. I did not place in the top 15, so I changed my strategy as a competitor. I decided to pursue the Fitness arena vs. Bodybuilding. I wanted to maintain the feminine athletic look I had worked so hard to achieve...and I realized that Fitness would be a good match. It took 18 months of training before I felt ready to do my first show. This was the most difficult challenge I have ever known. I am a highly motivated athlete, and regardless of my age, I felt strong enough to pursue this dream. I listen closely to my body, in order to achieve my goals. I overcame one obstacle after another. I finally hit the stage in June 2004, in the Central States NPC show, held in Normal, Illinois. I placed 3rd, which qualified me for Nationals. My competitions since that time are listed below. It has been a very challenging road for me, but I have grown immensely in mind and spirit...It's all in the attitude! I hope to make a notable mark in the fitness industry, and to ultimately be an inspiration to others.


How it all began.......................


I began lifting seriously in 1990, but was always athletic. My background includes primarily Volleyball and Softball. Growing up I was truly a Tomboy, so I was always active in some sport or another. In 1998, I took my training to new intensity levels, and as a result, dramatically transformed my body, and have been evolving constantly ever since.


A typical day in my life...some days I start with a cardio session, I have a complete gym set up in my home. I then head out to the gym, where I may train up to 7 clients in one day. If I did not work out at my home, I plan my workout at the gym, in between my client schedule. This workout is typically 2 hours. I alternate my training days to include weights and plyometrics one day, and routine elements the next. I usually do cardio every day that I train. Equally important is dynamic stretching, this is a major investment in time, but so necessary. I always carry my food with me, usually 3 meals at a time, so that I can eat immediately after the workout and in between clients. Sleep is crucial, so I'm usually in bed by 11:00, earlier if possible. I try to keep my food regimen 90% year round. But just like any normal human ... I love my cheat day! I have a weakness for rich desserts, such as White Chocolate Bread Pudding, Cheesecake, homemade cookies, or ice cream.


I usually train 6 days per week. When preparing for a competition, my training is still 6 days per week, but usually split mornings and evenings. The intensity level must increase, and my social life goes into shut down. My favorite body part to train is legs. I love how I feel afterwards. The easiest body part to develop for me was my shoulders/arms. I was always genetically gifted in this area. I always remember having biceps...and as a little girl, I would sneak into the basement and lift my Dad's dumbbells...this makes me smile to remember ... for I must have been destined to become what I am now. I was fascinated and insprired to see my muscles working. My most difficult area to develop has been my calves, I still struggle with this genetic challenge. My least favorite exercise: pull ups...I love them when I feel really strong, but they are SO difficult to stay on top of. Over the years, I am amazed at the changes and improvements to my physique, and of my fitness elements. The human body can achieve phenomenal strength, with proper training and perseverance. I often became discouraged, wanting to give up on some of this training...however I am glad I have not given in. It has taught me the power that we all can possess. This is how great athletes evolve, with unstoppable determination. Without gymnastics or a cheerleading background, I feel I have come a long way.


On a personal level, I love a chance to travel, and to experience good cultural events/dining. I love to visit big cities. I have been able to enjoy a few great places, which include...Chicago, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Miami, St. Louis, Austin and Dallas. I have been to Hawaii once, and I finally made it to Europe for the first time in late 2005, having visited Genova, Italy ... this was a beautiful experience. My dream spot to see one day is New Zealand.


I credit my friends and admirers first and foremost for any of my success. Because of so much encouragement from others, I decided to finally compete. Some say I waited too long and should have started sooner, but I cannot dwell what could have been, only on where I am today. I can remember it wasn't so long ago, when I would look at the girls in the fitness magazines, and dream of their accomplishments. I now feel confident and fortunate to walk the same plank. However, what I realize most profoundly is that trophies don't make winners...attitude and self esteem make winners. All trophies aside, there is no greater reward than to hear someone say they want to look just like you!


Katie Madden


April 2002 - 1st Place and Overall Champion, NPC Womens Open Bodybuilding - Ottawa, Illinois
April 2002 - 1st Place and Overall Champion, NPC Womens Masters Bodybuilding - Ottawa, Illinois
November 2002 - 1st Place and Overall Champion, NPC Womens Open Bodybuilding - Midwest Ironman, Chicago, Illinois
November 2002 - 1st Place and Overall Champion, NPC Womens Masters Bodybuilding - Midwest Ironman, Chicago, Illinois
November 2002 - NPC Nationals Womens Open Bodybuilding - Did not place in top 15


June 2004 - 3rd Place, Fitness - Central USA Fitness and Figure Championships - Bloomington, Illinois
November 2005 - 14th Place - NPC Nationals Fitness - Atlanta, Georgia 
November 2006 - 8th Place - NPC Nationals Fitness Division - Miami, Florida




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