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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & muscular IFBB Professional Bodybuilder TONIA WILLIAMS!

(all pictures on this page are used by Tonia's personal permission)



Some Info about TONIA:


Tonia was born May 27, 1973 in Seattle, Washington. Her height is 5'2". She has 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. She's the first in the family to pursue bodybuilding. She married in 1996 to another National bodybuilder, Jeremy Williams They have an adorable daughter, Erin.


First Bodybuilding Contest: The Northwest Natural in 1994 - I weighed an enormous 102 lbs!


Major Wins: 2005 IFBB Europa – Pro Debut – 1st Place!!


Biggest Accomplishment: Winning my weight class at my 1st pro show and qualifying for my first Olympia!!


Role Models in Bodybuilding: Brenda Raganot, Sue Price, Melissa Coates, These ladies represent the reason I started bodybuilding.


Bodybuilders Whose Personalities You Most Admire: Tonie Norman, Betty Pariso 
Least-Favorite Exercise: All of them
Favorite Exercise: Cardio
Long-Term Personal Ambition: To live my life fully and without regret.
Long-Term Bodybuilding Ambition: I’d like to get more involved in judging at the National/Pro level. Something needs to be done to change the way women’s bodybuilding is viewed. 
Best Bodypart: Heart
Worst: Forearms – do I *HAVE* to train them?? 
What You Would Be If Not A Bodybuilder: Everything I am today, a business owner, a mother, a wife 
Possession You Prize Above All Others: My daughter
Idea of a Perfect Vacation: Sunbathing naked on a deserted island
Favorite Car: My Lexus
Favorite Binge-Out Treat: Anything chocolate
Favorite Food: Teriyaki Chicken
Favorite Musician: Anything I can pose to old school, adult Top 40
Favorite Book: DaVinci Code and others by Dan Brown
Favorite City: Seattle!
Favorite Comedian: Adam Sandler
Favorite TV Program's: Desperate Housewives
Trait you Admire in Yourself: My Discipline
Traits you Admire in Others: Honesty, and a good sense of humor.


Competitive Record
2005 Olympia
2005 Europa 1st Place Lt Wt (Olympia qualifier)
2003 NPC Nationals - 1st Place Middleweight (earns pro card)
2002 USA - 3rd Place Middle Wt.
2001 - 2nd Place Middle Wt.
2000 USA - 6th Place Heavy Wt.
2000 JR Nationals - 2nd Place Heavy Wt.
1998 NW Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place Middle Wt.
1997 Fitness America Competitor
1997 Ironman Naturally Fitness - 3rd Place
1997 Fitness America Qualifier - 5th Place
1995 NW Bodybuilding Championships - 3rd Place Lt. Wt.
1995 Oregon Coast - 1st Place, Lt. Wt.
1995 SW Washington - 1st & Overall, Lt. Wt.
1995 Evergreen State - 3rd Place, Md. Wt.


Please note:

Tonia does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




TONIA's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-3 are courtesy of Gene X Hwang

© Photos 5-8 are courtesy of J.C. Lopez

© Photos 9-12 are taken by myself


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[email protected]


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